Apple patent applications imply blockchain applications

nRunaway Comment: The United States Patent and Trademark Office announced a new Apple patent application, the blockchain technology with public key infrastructure tools for creating and verifying timestamps. The information binding transactions, changes in the transaction and the corresponding block changes to modify and maintain the data. Once the newly added block can not get the “multiple check architecture” approval, the time stamp will not hold. Use blockchain security to ensure the permanence and security of timestamps.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
The new patent application from the U.S. electronics giant, Apple, shows the potential of blockchain for future timestamp creation and verification systems.n
An application released Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows that Apple detailed a timestamp verification project that combines elements of blockchain technology with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) tools.n
The example involved binds a piece of information to a particular transaction in the blockchain, forming the state of the data at a particular time. If the data is modified, you can create additional transactions and make changes to the data.n
Apple’s application describes three ways to create timestamps, one of which is around a blockchain platform.n
The project will generate a block containing the timestamp, after which the miner will add a block for each transaction on the chain. This system belongs to Apple’s “multiple check architecture,” which means that before the new block is generated and added to the chain, the other system will confirm the timestamp.n
The application shows that Apple will consider using blockchain because it provides decentralized security.n
File shows:n
n”If either side tries to modify a node in the blockchain, the parsing of each hash equation for the block after the modified block becomes incorrect or incomplete, and each participant can see the incomplete area Blockchains differ from their own copy of blockchain, and an incomplete blockchain will not get node approval. “n
nThe application shows that there are two benefits to storing timestamps using decentralized books. Not only can the correct time be saved forever, but also the network can be protected if a single node is attacked maliciously.n

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