Argentina 8000 convenience stores sales bitcoin

Argentina 8000 convenience stores sales bitcoin

Brief introduction: Argentina current economic situation is very special, debt default, the inflation situation that the local government’s attitude towards digital currency is difficult to friendly, when a few days ago exchange bank accounts shut down the news, but no bank account can now buy bitcoin, 8000 convenience stores, you can take the cash in the local purchase to bitcoin.

BitPagos launched a new service Ripio (, allows users to buy a certain amount of more than 8000 in the country’s convenience store bitcoin.

Will Ripio and TeleRecargas (, it is a popular mobile phone service, and through its cooperation convenience stores, to provide prepaid card for users. Argentina and Palo Artaud merchant payment service provider BitPagos earlier this year by the angel investment received a $600 thousand investment. The company CEO, Sebastian Serrano Ripo told the coindesk that the target audience is not covered by the bank users, and those who want to buy bitcoin users in the store.

He said: “you can go to the local convenience store, and show your Ripio account, tell them that you want to buy bitcoin amount, bang! You get bitcoin, so simple, safe, close to you, don’t even need a bank account. We think this is helpful to improve the popularity of bitcoin.”

This service is currently only in Argentina, Serrano think this service for other Latin American countries, consumers are very attractive, because it solves the problem of easy to buy bitcoin.

Serrano said it is ready to carry out such services in Venezuela, but it needs more time.

How does Ripio work

Because the Ripio service is mainly completed in the store, so the user must register on the website first.

The user can then get the Ripio account, map search service available from the local convenience store, Serrano believe this convenient use needs portable users and those beginners.

Serrano解释这个过程:“你可以在你的手机上注册,拿到你的账户数字,查看地图,找到附近可用便利店,进去说你想用Ripio账户买些比特币,说出要买的数量。 So simple.”

A new choice for consumers

Serrano will this service called the new service this emerging on the market.

Serrano said that because of Argentina’s special economic situation, his competitors imitate other countries existing platform, this model may face challenges.

“At present, Argentina bitcoin services are replicated in other countries exchange. I think the market should be expanded “Serrano said.

Ripio will be in the Brazil Stock Exchange “Mercado Bitcoin” the exchange rate for sales bitcoin price reference.

Communication consciousness

Of course, Serrano realized that Ripio to do marketing, and local key customers to resonate.

In the Ripio service launched at the same time, the company’s marketing materials will go on the market, which will enhance the public awareness of bitcoin.

In addition, the company is still looking for light Argentina consumers bitcoin enthusiasm.

Serrano said: “we are also concerned about the bitcoin community, we sell yourself in the community. In the local business volume will raise awareness of bitcoin.”

Ricardo Minicucci is chairman of TeleRecargas, stressed in a statement, “for us, this represents the feasibility of providing offline and online effective connection. Through Telerecargas good customer relations, will naturally increase the popularity of bitcoin.”

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