Arsenal Football Club of UK Acknowledges CashBet Coin as Official Sponsor

nRunaway Comment: Arsenal FC, a well-known soccer team in the United Kingdom, signed a sponsor agreement with CashBet Coin, a cryptocurrency project, which may also be criticized given the current market and poor ICO ratings. However, it is unclear whether the move will arouse the follow-up from other clubs or boost the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Britain’s Arsenal Football Club and CashBet Coin have signed a landmark sponsor agreement that could cause criticism.n
CashBet Coin (CBC) was designed specifically for online gaming and will become the default crypto currency for the CashBet platform. The ERC20 currency will be issued during the company ICO and the pre-sale of the ICO has started.n
CashBet is an online betting services company based in Oakland, Calif. Its official website has listed football clubs. The company claims to be “the only mobile first platform for technology-based interactive social gaming involving real money.” The platform provides services including casino and sports betting features.n

Collaboration agreements with sports giants will place an in-store ad at the Emirates Stadium at Arsenal in the Premier League. Super League home more than 600 million, all over the world, the global number of spectators on the ground usually reached 80 million people. Arsenal are Britain’s third-ranked club for 2016-17, behind Manchester United and Manchester City.n
Arsenal is the legendary club, won thirteen this league champions, FA Cups won the championship thirteen times, breaking the record. Arsenal is China’s most popular soccer team. Also popular in Southeast Asia, there are also specialized online stores. The list price is Malaysian ringgit and Indian rupee, Thai baht, Vietnamese dong and Singapore dollar.n
Collaboration with CashBet Coin is the first case in cryptocurrency. Although the casino has been a well-known sponsor of sports clubs and the CashBet is regulated by the Gambling Commission, the ICO is not regulated. Ernst

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