Aruba hopes to use Ethereum to promote tourism

nRunaway commentary: Aruba in the Caribbean’s small population, income is mainly dependent on tourism, a lot of tourists, but this major income is online travel agencies and airlines around. To this end the island’s technology development agencies will work with the Swiss start-up Winding Tree to build blockchain-based travel booking market and change the tourism monopoly. In addition, the island is also working with Bitt, an encryption currency startup, to explore the issue of digital currency and increase the island’s GDP. The company believes that the smaller Aruba island is ideal for technical application testing.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Aruba hopes to use the blockchain to take away the power of tourism monopolies and protect the income of coastal tourism.n
It is important for the Caribbean Islands that Aruba is highly reliant on tourism, with a population of less than 100,000 and an annual population of 1.2 million. But tourism is dominated by a few online travel agencies, such as Expedia and Priceline, with airlines controlling prices and large tourism revenues being shipped overseas.n
ATECH Foundation, now responsible for promoting technological development on the island, wants to change the status quo by working with the Swiss start-up Winding Tree to create a blockchain-based travel booking market.n
Unlike the status quo, ATECH Foundation will use the Winding Tree platform built on Ethereum’s public chain to allow tourists and travel service providers to connect directly and eliminate all intermediaries.n
Varelie Croes, co-founder of the ATECH Foundation, said that eliminating third parties from the tourism industry can bring benefits to small countries in particular.n
n”Such a platform can help some countries such as Aruba recover some benefits, obtain tax revenue, and effectively increase domestic revenue.”n
“The impact on the economy is significant.”n
nIf the blockchain system is effective, it will have a significant impact on the market’s profits and losses in Aruba.n
Aruba has long invested heavily in new technologies in preparation for the future. For example, the Smart Island Strategy, which is tailor-made for tourism, has already carried out biometric security pilots at the airport and welcomed the use of renewable energy sources.n
Small test fieldn
Blockchain is the island’s key research project. Most importantly, the island is exploring the issue of digital legal coins with Bitt, a cryptocurrency startup, and the Aruba Central Bank believes it can boost the island’s GDP.n
But despite the optimism that the blockchain has for tourism and businesses (Winding Tree has traded with major airline Hanstrus), the Aruba project will be the first fully implemented blockchain-based travel market.n
Winding Tree will conduct beta testing with early participants early next year with the hope of commercializing products by the end of next year, starting with accommodation and then air services.n
But not only will Aruba gain the benefits of the project, the small size of the island is an ideal area for technical exploration.n
Croes said that Winding Tree can “test the field with Aruba technology and explore the country-specific technology.”n
The startup has partnered with RoomRanger, an Australian hotel management software company, and plans to announce a major European hotel group in the coming weeks.n
Croes Summary:n
n”This is beyond Aruba, and it will have a significant impact on small economies.”n

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