ASUS’s new partnership allows users to use free GPU power to dig bitcoin

Block chain technology network reported that the Taiwan technology giant ASUS and GPU mining platform Quantumcloud, allows users to dig through the encryption card currency.

According to the agreement, ASUS will be able to dig card owner cryptocurrencies by Quantumcloud software, and extract the benefits of using PayPal or Chinese application of WeChat.

The new partnership allows the game player by digging bitcoin (BTC) encryption currency in the unit is not occupied by the process of consumption pattern, idle GPU currency.

However, according to the British scientific publications, Quatumcloud does not guarantee that the user’s specific profit or results, and points out that the user must consider their own cost. GPU mining start-up company that provides in line with the general data protection regulations (GDPR) of the high standards of customer data protection.

At the beginning of November, ASUS and California based semiconductor supplier AMD and other major technology companies, producing 8 new crypto currency mining equipment. According to reports, partners, including Sapphire, ASROCK and MSI etc..

In July, the blockchain technology network report, along with the decline of encryption currency market prices, prices also fell GPU. Other GPU manufacturers like Nvidia also have a negative impact on the current bear market. When the company announced earlier this month that the third quarter results, due to sales of crypto currency miners sales disappeared, the company discovered the encryption currency hangover”.

At the same time, according to reports, beginning in mid November after the recent encryption money market collapse, the main China encryption currency mining company began selling its mining hardware by weight.

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