At a critical time, “the richest bit of bitcoin” replaces the river and lake. Where does he have to cut the knife from this time?

In this period of time, house prices fell, oil prices fell, and the same thing was falling.

That’s bitcoin, and from mid November, bitcoin has been falling. In just two weeks, its total market value fell 3, compared with the peak of last year, and fell more than 7. Not only that, the tumbling of bitcoin has also cast a shadow on the mining industry, which has led to the shutdown of hundreds of thousands of miners in addition to the situation of “selling mine machine on the catty”.

According to the statistics, nearly one hundred thousand miners have been stopped in the last half of the month, and about 1 million 400 thousand servers have been stopped.

As the coin circle turned cool, “the man” came back again.

Yes, he is Li Xiaolai, the “richest bit of the bitcoin” and the word “withdrawal from the coin circle”.

In December 3rd, Hong Kong stock listed company Xiong an Technology issued a bulletin, Li Xiaolai will be the director and joint CEO. Li Xiaolai is mainly responsible for stabilizing the construction of the digital currency system and other application projects related to the block chain technology, which does not explain Li Xiaolai’s salary and term of office.

What is the character of Li Xiaolai?

Mr. Li Xiaolai is also a fairly legendary figure in the “coin circle”.

Li Xiaolai was born in 1972, the old family is Jilin Yanji, after graduating from Changchun University, did a period of time sales, also went to the New Oriental for a few years as a teacher, that is, Laura he went in, since then began the road of flickering, and then wrote a lot of books, it is said that there are many loyal fans.

When it comes to Li Xiaolai, it’s sure to talk about the coin circle. How did Li Xiaolai get into it?

To make an impressive appearance, it has to be the CCTV at the same time. In 2013, bitcoin began to rise, and the price of a bitcoin at that time was over $1300.

The CCTV news channel then reported the news, while Li Xiaolai appeared as a senior bitcoin investor and claimed to have a 6 digit bit of bitcoin. But it has always been reluctant to say the exact number, only to reveal that the first number is the beginning of 1.

If he really said, then Li laughed at the value of the bitcoin at the time of more than one hundred million dollars, saying that he was “the richest bit of the bitcoin” seems to be the right thing to say.

So how does Li Xiaolai hold so many bits of money?

It was revealed that in 2011, when he found a bit of bitcoin at the same price at the same price as the dollar, he started to get to know it. For half a year, he did not, and bitcoin was still up, so he bought 2100 bitcoins directly. After a few years in the New Oriental, he has accumulated enough wealth to invest in bitcoin.

By the time of July, the price of bitcoin had come to $25. Li Xiaolai decided to sell the 2000 bitcoins in his hand to “dig out”. At that time, he was pulling Zhu Feng together to make a mine. At that time, there was no professional mining machine. It was dug with a computer. The efficiency was not comparable to that of the present.

After a variety of reasons, the two people failed to dig up the mine, the investment about 600000, the dug of the money even 100 not, at the end of the end can only be lost. After the disbandment, Li Xiaolai did not give up bitcoin, but invested as a stock, bought low, and operated back and forth.

Less than two years, its price has turned a hundred times. The title of “the richest bit of the bitcoin” is a complete implementation.

“The richest bit of the bitcoin” was reached, but Li Xiaolai’s wealth The Freedom Trail was just opened. From then on, Li Xiaolai began his “road to the platform”. After finding the platform project is not reliable, immediately run away, and then be scolded by the liar… Friends in the coin circle certainly know that Li Xiaolai, in addition to the label of “the richest bit of bitcoin”, also has famous suffixes such as “cheater”, “big flicker” and so on. Behind each suffix, they are all leek with blood.

The wealth of The Freedom Trail called by Li Xiaolai is the way of marketing its fame and fame. Through the name of “the richest bit of the bitcoin”, he made a lecture, made a lecture, made a sum of money, and began to advocate “wealth freedom”, and even set up its own collection of fees. He himself also boasted that he had more than 20 million of his direct income from the charge group.

Li Xiaolai has always said his bitcoin is the most, is the richest bit of bitcoin, but has anyone seen it? This label seems to have always been his own, after wearing it, then through the label platform, money, cut leek, three links operation, one step…

Now after the call to withdraw the coin circle, and choose “strong return”, Li Xiaolai wanted to toss in Hong Kong stocks what?

Play real estate, that is not the major of teacher Li Xiaolai. But to cut the leek, how to say in the coin circle has to have a place for teacher Li Xiaolai.

In fact, writing books or marketing themselves, these may not be his best, but on the understanding of human nature, he must know a lot. From boasting as “the richest bit of the bitcoin”, Li Xiaolai has laid his position in the coin circle, although he has been exposed to a variety of swindlers and leeks, but his status seems to have never been shaken. Without legal sanctions, what about the gossip on social networking sites?

The choice of Hong Kong shares listed companies to serve as CEO, Li laughing from where to cut it?

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