At the beginning of the year to buy 20 COINS now lost millions! Block chain stocks fell

“When Kanpan BTC is 4800, for when the circle of friends issued 4600 times, click send 4500. When the picture circle of friends spread fast to 4400. Did not dare to speak, afraid to say after the 4300.” Indeed, hand speed catch down speed, it is widely circulated piece coin circle circle of friends yesterday.

“Blood” and “collapse” is the recent currency circle vocabulary.

A new week, opened the whole digital currency plunged, led by the “money king”.

The first week, bitcoin below $5000 in more than 13 months, from below $6000 only 5 days.

On Tuesday, November 20th, bitcoin prices continue dropping, the afternoon fell below $4300, the biggest one-day decline of over 10%, as of press time, the price of 4600 dollars. Bitcoin has fallen for 8 days, a record low since the October 2017. In the past 7 days, bitcoin fell more than 22% years, fell more than 65%.

The BTC Market

11 months ago, the highest point of bitcoin rose to $19229 in December 18, 2017, part of the exchange even exceeded 20 thousand dollars. The total market value of digital currency market has exceeded 800 billion U.S. dollars. In January 1st this year, bitcoin prices reached $13354, after 11 months, bitcoin back to $5000.

This means that if an investor at the beginning of this year to buy 20 coins, so the amount of loss will be over one million.

Other encryption currency decline, measured by market value ranked third in the digital currency Ethernet Fang (Ethereum) fell nearly 12% to $150.72. Wright credits (Litecoin) and Ethernet Fang drop equal to $36.95. With reboxetine (Ripple) Association (XRP) is the performance of reboxetine currency virtual currency best, fell by only 2.9% to $0.4958.

The three day long market trend trading platform

The market for the reason for the decline Public opinions are divergent. digital currency analyst Xiao Lei, senior broker China told reporters that the three factors led to the bitcoin fell again.

First, from a technical perspective, bitcoin is still in a bear market, the fundamentals did not appear direct positive, new funds are limited, investors lack of patience, there’s a stop;

Second, the focus of the market stage in the STO two class market derivatives development, and reduce the strategic significance and attribute of bitcoin and other digital currency discussion, investors lack of awareness of non credit currency, hold security bitcoin reduced, has shaken the belief;

In section three, bitcoin cash brought to the stock market concerns about the bifurcation phase, stress wave, making bitcoin holders worried about bitcoin attacks will become a possible hedge selling intensified.

Xiao Lei said, in general, sideways long bitcoin, will stimulate investors to make a choice, the choice of large impact on the stage of market at present, the market is still very weak, but with the continued fall, speculative demand gradually clearing, the market will find at the bottom of a new round of fall, but this is a long process, investors need to have adequate psychological preparation. Compared with other digital currency bitcoin resilience, bitcoin fell will cause the liquidity of the entire market shrinking, the future still depends on the trend of bitcoin.

According to the TokenInsight data block chain rating agencies that reflect the TI index in November 20th the overall performance of block chain industry 8 times 453.43 points, compared with the same period yesterday fell 72.66, a decline of 13.81%. In addition, in the 28 sub sectors of its closely watched, all fell within 24 hours, the smallest decline as anchor and reserve 1.22% industries, the largest decline for the 27.89% industry management protocol.

According to the Babbitt report, BTC total net turnover yesterday rose 71.76%, chain turnover yesterday rose 14.4%, long futures accounted for nearly 90 days to 49% lows, investors need to pay attention to risk.

The price spike is bitcoin market norm. Earlier this month the central bank released the report of the tip of this risk. The report pointed out that the volatility of asset prices and the lack of encryption, pre regulation, leading to encryption assets market disorder, and aggravate the speculative industry chain block. Encryption of assets related to the speculative speculation, prices plummeted, rapid accumulation of risk, seriously disrupting the economic and financial and social order.

The day before, KPMG (KPMG) said in its latest encryption currency report, bitcoin assets not only as a medium of exchange, also cannot be used as a store of value, the main reason is their lack of trust and scalability. The report recommended that if the encryption monetary stability and public use in hope to get further development, it must be institutionalized.

As of now, the money market is in the stage of encryption speculation driven by retail investors. More people will bet on the encryption technology potential, rather than they actually can do what results in a basically unregulated areas, to maximize risk.” KPMG report.

20, the pan city capital chairman Chen Weixing in the new economic blockchain summit in Hangzhou said that the recent bitcoin why fell? Because the bigwigs are only thinking about doing their own thing, consensus has been collapsing. The market may be worse than we thought. The future of bitcoin prices might fall 50%. If the liquidity of this industry again fell 50%, most basic practitioners have drink the northwest wind. Maybe four months later, still active in the meeting of the practitioners feel shy up. When the market is frozen, you really want to use the time to block chain technology.

ICO started today?

In 2017 through the first two tokens issued (ICO) to raise funds for the company to sell encrypted currency, last week by U.S. regulators ordered to return funds to investors, because it has no ICO registered as securities. The SEC and Paragon Coin and CarrierEQ block chain companies reached a settlement, causing people to other companies will also be forced to follow the worry.

The light from the market scale of ICO atrophy was also remarkable, squeeze the bubble is accelerating. Since 2017, making the rich mythology ICO prevailed, but with all sorts of chaos, such as the ICO ICO project financing of the main investors in dragons and fishes jumbled together, all kinds of management and information disclosure is generally absent, no part of the project entity project support, the white paper fraud, “copycat” coins “air coin” and even promoters emerge in an endless stream, Juankuan run away and other events, the financing operation of suspected illegal issuance of securities, illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities have been exposed, ICO began to shrink the size of.

Data collected from coindesk, the global ICO financing scale in 2017 a year after the climb, reached a peak in 2018, June July 2018, ICO financing scale shrinking.

After the central bank report pointed out that the ICO ICO project financing of the main investors in dragons and fishes jumbled together, all kinds of management and information disclosure is generally absent, no part of the project entity project support, the white paper fraud, “copycat” coins “air coin” and even promoters emerge in an endless stream, Juankuan run away incident, suspected of illegal issuance of securities financing, illegal fund-raising MLM, financial fraud, and other illegal and criminal activities, investors face the issue of fraud, the underlying asset is not real, the issuer of multiple business failure risk.

All kinds of illegal financial activities varied form, transfer rapidly, there are still illegal business operations, the use of “sea” cast, with means of fraud and other issues. In ICO appear constantly, such as not to send money directly to raise money, but the first free “gift money”, the issuer retained a coin, trying to fry high price currency subsequent profit and other new varieties.

Below the mining cost, mine will meet closed tide?

Bitcoin prices fall, affecting not only the investors in the secondary market, the industrial chain upstream “mine circle”, the profit has been greatly swallowed, some small mines may have benefits and costs do not match and closed, if there is close the tide, the computational difficulty will decrease, the bitcoin price it is one disaster after another.

According to golden financial reports, even some decline, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost distribution in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other parts of the domestic small and medium-sized mines, in the currency price continued to decline, but its secondary winding has been sold. A year ago the price of up to twenty-one thousand units of the vehicle, second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan.

Similar, and the liquidation of the mine in November 20th, there is a hosting platform also issued a liquidation announcement. A force is investment platform said, because ants contract S9 from 7 to 2018 11 2018 11 16 April 10 has been unable to pay management fees and charges. According to the “hashrate cast stress service agreement”, if ten consecutive days of contract revenue is not enough to pay management fees and charges, a force contract is automatically terminated.

November 20th morning, the well-known mine pool f2pool has released a major price off machine. If calculated in accordance with yesterday’s price, including S7, bit machine, A741 machine, M3+ machine what Avalon underclocking version has reached the shutdown price.

A shares the blockchain stocks suffer”

Bitcoin sharply makes A shares related stocks also dipped. At the beginning of the year, when the blockchain concept most fiery, is not only a hot money ring, A shares related stocks because of the dip of the “block chain” and the stock price soaring, some companies even because of speculation blockchain concept from the SSE of the letter of inquiry. Today, the stock market is overall weak, because the money stock price fell, the company also suffered a few.

In 2018, A shares block chain plate, appeared in two golden period:

The first time is at the beginning of this year, at that time, because the other digital currency bitcoin prices soaring, the blockchain concept is hype is hot, also will become a new theme of A shares. Many involved in the block chain of listed companies, the share price rose continuously.

The second time is the end of May this year, at the time, the most senior academicians conference, the first mention of the block chain, and with the artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, networking and parallel, once again raising the relevant section of A shares rose.

Check the prices according to data show that as of 2018 years 10 months 22 days, a total of China 5448 company name “blockchain”, a block chain containing “17327 company business scope”. After regulators have repeatedly prompted the risk of speculation block chain concept, made it clear that many listed companies did not have substantial business, just rub hot, beware of speculation after a feather.

Although the bitcoin block chain is a different concept, but investors will inevitably have put together. If bitcoin prices rose, investors will want to chase the block chain stocks. The currency of the winter period, block chain stocks is expected to fall.

20, A shares blockchain collective stocks fell, 79 stocks within the sector rose only 4, a total of 35 billion 100 million yuan market value evaporated.

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