“At the moment,” the Xinhua news agency said that the bitcoin slump was the result of a variety of factors in November 26th.

Time to get to share this moment. Hello, this is Monday, November 26, 2018. I am Hua Nan, combing today’s big event for you.

1, the former vice chairman of the SFC, Gao Xiqing: the block chain can wipe out a large amount of intermediate costs

Chain gain (micro signal: ChainDD) November 26th news, at the BAC 2018 block chain application conference, the original vice chairman of the SFC, the former general manager of CIC and Professor Gao Xiqing of the Tsinghua University law school, delivered a speech on the theme of “the supervision of the application of the block chain”, which indicated that the block chain could wipe out a large amount of intermediate costs.

2, the former president of the industrial and Commercial Bank Yang Kaisheng: the block chain will build a new financial ecology

At the BAC 2018 block chain application conference, the chief executive of the industrial and commercial bank, Yang Kaisheng, made a speech on the theme of “building a new finance ecology of the block chain”, and believed that the most important thing at the present stage was to maintain an objective and calm attitude. In the face of the new science and technology of block chain, practice is the best way to test it.

3. The US Department of defense explores the non licensing block chain, involving areas that have not yet been fully explored.

According to CCN, the United States Defense Advanced Research Program (DARPA) is seeking a better understanding of the unlicensed block chain. In order to deepen the understanding of block chain technology, the US Department of defense has sent out an information request (RFI) on the non licensed distributed consensus agreement, which is specific to the areas that have not been fully explored. DARPA is looking for a better understanding of how unlicensed block chains play a role in the absence of monetary incentives.

4, Overstock will sell retail business fully into the block chain, and the stock price is up 20% in a day.

According to the Wall Street daily 23, the founder and CEO Patrick Byrne of the US e-commerce and block chain concept unit and Patrick Byrne plan to sell the company’s retail business in the area of the block chain. It is expected to complete the transaction by February next year. On the day of the report, Overstock’s stock market on NASDAQ rose by 20.93%.

5, bitcoin surged up to $4200 in the early morning, up 200 dollars in about 10 minutes.

The chain won App market shows that the currency exchange’s bitcoin bounced quickly to the USDT trading price, around $4100 at about 5:40. After 5:50, it rose to 4200 dollars. After falling 4200 US dollars, it stood steady at $4100, and was up over 7% in the last 24 hours.

6, the encrypted currency reverses the fall overnight, and the ten largest currency is nine.

Beijing time 26, about 6:36, around 6:36, Coinmarketcap website statistics multi exchange quotations show, encrypted digital currency fell, in addition to Monroe currency (XRM), the first ten big market value encryption digital currency, nine encrypted currencies in the recent 24 hours have risen, the rate rose more than 7% increase, bit currency up about 4.8%.

7, Ohio became the first state in the United States to accept bitcoin tax

According to the 25 day of the Wall Street journal, Ohio has become the first state in the United States to accept bitcoin as a way to pay taxes. Since this week, companies in Ohio will be able to log in to the web site OhioCrypto.com. After registration, they can use bitcoins to pay taxes from cigarettes to employee self employment, which will eventually expand to individual taxpayers.

8, Xinhua News Agency: the bitcoin slump is the result of a variety of factors.

According to the Xinhua news agency, “bitcoin slumped” block chain “bubble geometry”? The big drop in the bitcoin is the result of a variety of factors.

At first, a large number of block chain projects have a serious bubble. Under the condition of the unsound infrastructure of the block chain, the practitioners continue to raise the market expectation to the unrealistic height, and eventually encounter the reality hit, resulting in the constant loss of market confidence;

Second, as the bitcoin market is the capital market, and the volume is relatively small, the market value of the global digital currency is also a large volume of the Internet listed giant, with large amount of the smashing of the currency users, it is also easy to cause a large fluctuation in the currency price;

Third, the industry’s recent battle of calculation has also shaken the confidence of some people objectively, causing some users to panic and vote with their feet, further causing market volatility.

9, Galaxy Digital CEO: the encrypted currency will turn over next year

CEO Mike Novogratz, founder and CEO of the digital Asset Management Co Galaxy Digital Capital Management, told the financial times that this year Galaxy Digital faces challenges because a bank in the field of encrypted money is to be set up in the bear market. But he expects to encrypt the currency next year, because the price will start to fluctuate again at that time. Financial institutions will turn from investment encrypt money funds to appropriate investment in encrypted currencies in the first quarter of next year.

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