“Australia” incredible “strawberry needle” female suspects allegedly in retaliation for the boss bitcoin mining company bankruptcy trillion market value evaporated

[Australia] “strawberry needle case”: someone’s woman on bail the needle out of revenge

Recently, Australia Brisbane court ruled, previously due to the strawberry needle arrested My Ut Trinh event on bail. According to Australia’s Yonhap news agency reported, Queensland 11 police arrested a 50 year old woman, she was arrested in from September 2nd to 6th local time between the sewing needle hidden in strawberry, an Australian man eating contaminated strawberries after abdominal pain in hospital, Vitoria, after two similar report. The prosecution presented evidence that his colleagues heard her in a couple of years ago, if their employer dissatisfaction, will the needle in the fruit, let him ruin. Prosecutors said My Ut the boss of Trinh, caused by the events of loss of 1.6 million Australian dollars.

My Ut Trinh was born in Vietnam, 20 years ago the refugee boat ride came to Australia, then became an Australian citizen. She worked in Southeast Queensland farm. This was released on bail, but the condition is not contact with the farm workers, passport and reported to the police every week. In addition, the trial was postponed to 17 August 12. My Ut Trinh is facing seven charges, if convicted, could be sentenced to a maximum of ten years imprisonment.

[US] clean room couple found huge winners only two weeks overdue

According to Agence France-Presse, the United States of Louisiana, a couple in the room, I found a forgotten lottery, the lottery ticket in the $1 million 800 thousand (about 12 million 472 thousand and 700 yuan) awards.

According to reports, Harold and Tina decided to clean a house, to meet in the 22 family came to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. According to the lottery company in the local time on the day of 20 issued a statement, the couple found a bundle of no check lottery in the table. Harold and Tina then found that one of them won the lottery, but only two weeks before its expiration. The ticket tax total income is about $1 million 274 thousand and 300, the couple said it will put the money into the pension fund. Tina said, “we do not intend to waste or travel”.

[US] who ran hard in India for sixty thousand years from the primitive tribe was shot to death

A 27 year old American missionaries on board before rowing most isolated in Andaman Islands on India island in Nord Centi Neil, just set foot on the beach when he was shot to death. India police said that at present has been moving in the direction of investigation of murder, and arrested seven suspects. According to Agence France-Presse, American man John (transliteration) in the past week has plans to go to Nord Centi Neil Island, and finally in 16 days this month paid local fishermen after being sent to the nearby islands, then his own canoe landed on the island. Unexpectedly, John weeks just set foot on the beach, the aborigines to him a array of arrows, killed him. The fishermen scared to turn around and run away, the next morning to return to the island near the view, found John’s body was dumped in the week on the coast.

According to reports, Sendineier people hold strong hostility to the outside world, frequently with bows or stones from the aircraft and ships, so that outsiders to close. Dammam police chief Pathak said, there is no way to recover John Zhou’s body, but stressed that the police have contacted the anthropologist and experts familiar with the local tribes to develop plans and will try to body back to.

Battle of giants! “The most terrible man on earth” VS “Iran green giant”

According to Russia Today reported that a “huge monster” will hold a “may be the world’s largest” mixed martial arts competition (MMA) battle. Known as “the earth’s most terrible person”, 2 meters tall 03 of the British Martin Ford (Martyn Ford) will play against 177 kg of Iran Hulk sajad garbee (Sajad Gharibi).

The participants reported that two per capita for fitness athletes. Although people have no formal MMA game experience. Ford has been in many movies and TV shows, but he still created a famous electronic game “the killers” series title role of inspiration. A wrestling experience garbit, had previously claimed to help combat the Islamic terrorist organization “Islamic state”. Although two people have no formal MMA game experience, but the Poland fighting event organization KSW’s tournament still caused a sensation, but it is unclear when the game specific.

[Japan] companies will be the beginning for fun boss employee first by the hot Hot pot

Recently, a Japanese workers uncovered a bullying incident to the media, the incident light after exposure to many users to anger. In 2015 12 10, a Tokyo company held a dinner at the age of 25 entertainment company president proposed to do something interesting please customers, 23 year old victim male employee’s head in the boiling process of the whole Hot pot, photographed by other employees. You can see from the video, the president ready to head down into the staff in the next Hot pot, people still booing shouted: “one or two, three!” With the “three” sound, the hand of a man’s head was pressed into the pot.

What’s more, in order to capture the different angles of the video, the agency has two consecutive staff head down into the hot Hot pot. Article two employees suffer being pressed into the pot, because too much pain directly collapsed to the ground, along with Hot pot also overturned, until this time, next to the personnel startled. The staff recently told the media the media to expose it, then contact the president, the president said just kidding.

[US] bitcoin market value a year evaporation 1.6 trillion

Recently, bitcoin plummeted over 70%, fell below $4300 from the highest point in 2017 years, equivalent to 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan evaporation. Domestic investors have declared bankruptcy, many small and medium-sized mines discount mills. According to Bloomberg, bitcoin future will continue to fall, bitcoin prices may fall to $1500. Bitcoin crash, largely bitcoin cash (BCH) caused by hard bifurcation.

According to crypto-news reported Tuesday, the United States mine giant Giga Watt in accordance with the “bankruptcy law” the eleventh chapter, filed for bankruptcy protection to the eastern Washington federal court, said the assets of less than $50 thousand, and the largest creditors owed nearly $70 million.

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