Australia joins block chains and artificial intelligence research camps

nnnStorm chain comment: Block chain and artificial intelligence are the two most concerned about the current new technology, many countries are concentrated resources and funds to study this. Today, Australia has also joined the camp to explore these technologies, carried out a number of related discussions, and there have been some applications of the chain of enterprises. Australia’s progress in this area also shows the development and implementation of these two technologies in the world.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe future of Australian companiesn
nAustralia is currently studying two key technologies in the business world, namely, block chains and artificial intelligence (AI), both of which can fundamentally change Australia’s financial and professional operations.n
nAt present, people are studying through the exploration of block chain, start-up companies want to be able to implement this pure digital books. The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), a research firm of the Australian government, issued a report last month to discuss how the chain chain will support the country’s development and its risks. In addition, in June, Melbourne also hosted the annual block chain summit, the newly established Australian Block Chain Association (Blockchain Association of Australia) also held on July 13, the first meeting.n

nAustralian companies are also implementing and experimenting with block-chain technology. In particular, three companies are using the technology for food and water resources. Civic Ledger is building a chain-chain solution for the government’s water market; TBSX3 uses it as a genuine exchange for food exports; AgriDigital uses the technology to focus on and organize the process of production of agricultural products from production to sale. At the same time, Othera proposed to use the chain chain to carry out the loan business.n
nAI in Australia also began to pop up. Telstra, an important participant in the Australian telecommunications and media industry, has announced that it will incorporate AI into its operations. Andrew Penn, the company’s chief executive, said at AmCham that the technology “may be the most important driving force for technological innovation” and that AI will be Telstra “the top priority in maintaining customer rights.”n
nPeter Norvig, director of research at Google, recently highlighted the impact of AI on the Australian business world, and he called on each company to appoint at least one employee to assess the benefits that AI might bring to the company. He said, “First of all, there must be someone who knows how to make the decision, and everything goes well.”n
nGlobal movementn
nAustralia’s progress in government and corporate applications in the block chain shows the growth, development and implementation of the technology on a global scale.n
nMany countries in the world are using block-chain technology to investigate currency and transmission systems. A number of countries have begun to try to understand the complexity and difficulty of digitizing national currencies. China has developed a prototype that can be a real-life equivalent, and Singapore is working with financial technology companies to study the “tois” form of money, while Sweden and India are considering the use of digital money to achieve cashless society.n
nIn the use of AI, we will see similar global changes, which are being adopted by exporters at an exponential rate. The Canadian government has set aside a $ 125 million budget to finance AI surveys and research, and the US government has held a meeting to plan and consider the impact of implementing the technology.n
nHowever, the technical community is the most able to feel the place of this revolution. Recently, Google has announced that they will focus on all resources to develop an AI that can replace other functions of the company. The Partnership for Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society, which is made up of technology giants, best embodies this shift by ensuring that the AI ​​is Proper implementation.n

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