Australia: the Cong bitcoin must be “commodity ledger” and non speculative gambling assets

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1, Australia: the Cong bitcoin must be “commodity ledger” and non speculative gambling assets

Recently, Australia (Craig Wright) in the Cong Medium issued a document that bitcoin’s goal is to become cash, there is only one way to achieve this goal, bitcoin must be commodity ledger, rather than speculative gambling assets. Bitcoin is not to eliminate the bank and the government, all those who seek anonymity and anarchy are contrary to the bitcoin core.

2, Bloomberg: light Ma Xizheng to form a new team to explore the block chain and artificial intelligence

According to the The Straits Times news, a Temasek internal memo obtained by Bloomberg, Temasek Holdings (Temasek Holdings) is building a new team (the so-called “experimental class”), exploration of artificial intelligence and block chain technology. Temasek said that both technology is to influence the long-term trends a number of industries and regions. Temasek international company (Temasek International Pte) chief operating officer Chia Song Hwee will be responsible for the supervision of the new group.

3, nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen group: battle is far from over unless the ABC run out of ammunition and food supplies

According to the “financial” news, nChain group CEO Jimmy Nguyen said: “the SV and ABC of the war is still in progress, we do not believe that a war is winning depends only on the stress through short-term” leasing “is the power to decide. Other sources of bitcoin ABC cloud mining user is leveraging force and “leasing” work force, to burn a lot of money to subsidize or “rent” is to support for the BCH hash value, but we don’t do that. Once the “rent” is evacuated, SV will be in a leading position. A war could end in a different way, the day is not run out of ammunition and food supplies at the end of the war days.”

4, South Korea’s national policy committee: South Korea postponed to 12 month ban ICO Award

According to the Korea Herald News, South Korea’s national policy committee chairman Byung-doo Min said the government efforts to block the chain and ICO public hearings in December of the national assembly, to discuss the ICO ban, but is unlikely to make a decision before the end of November. After the South Korean regulators have been “the possibility of regulation ICO” asked blockchain legal and business experts, and claims to have updated position in 11 months.

Dynamic project

1, nearly 20 million ETH into OKEx wallet in 2 minutes.

According to data, today Beijing time 14:15-14:16, nearly 200 thousand pieces of ETH into the OKEx wallet address, upon inquiry, as of now the OKEx has 391 thousand and 500 pieces of ETH wallet address.

2, currency system (SYS) dynamic: 1. “version of the POC market Blockchain Swap has released 2., recently held a developer conference, 3. online quiz text version has been released.

3, the NULS team official, architecture design idea of NULS has released NULS2.0. The introduction of micro service thinking in the blockchain underlying infrastructure design, software application design for independent deployment service suite, will be leading this architecture design idea is introduced to the module design, module can let like independent startup procedure is flexible, and solves programming language threshold limit. The new architecture design is completed by the NULS team and technology community collaboration, made an important contribution to the community core member of the BERZECK NULS technology. The new project development roadmap has been updated to the NULS website.

4, Basic Attention Token (BAT) has been launched on the Bithumb.

5, IBM cloud will be iExec RLC (RLC) to provide zero trust services, which will greatly improve the security and anonymity of RLC nodes.

6, Augur (REP) has released the 1.8 version of the client.

Platform announcement

A: EOS, fire currency withdrawal and deposit services are temporarily suspended

According to fire currency announcement, because we plan to upgrade the EOS (EOS) purse, fire currency has suspended the 14:00 on November 22nd EOS withdrawal and deposit service.

Two, OKEx has today 16 open ADA charge.

According to the announcement of OKEx ADA, the client has completed the upgrade, stable operation, OKEx ADA 11 2018 has been open to 22 at 16 on the charge, upgrade during the recharge automatically after the completion of the upgrade for.

Three, BitKop will be in Hongkong on 22 March 11 15:00 line DCA

According to the official news, BitKop will be in Hongkong for 2018 years 11 months 22 days 15:00 on-line DCA, and will be in Hongkong for 2018 years 11 months 23 days 15:00 open DCA/ETH transaction. At the same time, in the BitKop official website opened a cumulative net recharge to send DCA activities, a total of 200 million DCA total reward. The dispersion of monetary assets as a decentralized market platform iam2.0 community support block chain, DCA will be used to create iam2.0 service platform, web hosting services and advertising platform in payment.

The market price of top5 100

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