Australian lawmakers want Bitcoin to become their official currency

nnnAccording to the Sydney Morning Herald, some of Australia’s political party members are planning a block chain, hoping to push the government in the development of digital money and block chains, and call on its central banks to introduce digital money. Although these programs are attracting attention, but there are a lot of Members who hold the opposite view, it is still questionable whether these initiatives can really play a role in promoting it.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIt is reported that Australian lawmakers are pushing Bitcoin to be recognized as the official currency process.n
nAccording to the Sydney Morning Herald, some of the representatives of the central government and the left-wing parties are also engaged in major initiatives when they call on the Australian government to better embrace the chain-chain technology and its evangelists.n
nLiberal Senator Jane Hume and Labor Senator Sam Dastyari are leaders of the move, arguing that Australia should be more proactive in terms of digital money and block chains. Hume and Dastyari also set up a group called “Parliamentary Friends of Blockchain” to advance the project.n
nThe plan also includes a call to the Australian central bank to consider launching its own digital currency.n
nDastyari said:n
nn”This will be a revolutionary leap in the Reserve Bank of Australia and other financial institutions, and we hope that through the parliament is to create a political environment that can achieve this leap.”n
nnThe Reserve Bank of Australia said this year that it has set up an internal working group that specializes in the technology.n
nHowever, not all members of the Australian parliament, even members of the party involved in the block chain initiative, support the expansion of the use of digital money.n
nAustralia’s Labor leader Bill Shorten cites a June speech calling for stricter control over the use of Bitcoin in Australia, a statement that could suggest a tendency to oppose the block chain.n

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