Australian secondary schools organize cryptocurrency night

nRunaway Commentary: Since the encryption currency investment became popular, south of Brisbane, Australia, private Catholic high school decided to organize the information encrypted Currency night, for staff, students and parents, focusing on encryption currency and the underlying technology, introduces students to market conditions, investment attention matter.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
An increase in bitcoin awareness among student groups prompted a secondary school in Australia to organize a night of information to introduce students to cryptocurrency knowledge. St. Laurence’s College in Brisbane recently informed parents of students that it hopes to organize “academic forums” as the number of students studying cryptocurrencies has increased.n
The increase in student participation in investment has prompted Australian secondary schools to hold encrypted currency information nightsn
A secondary school in Brisbane, Australia, announced that it will organize an optional staff and student conference to limit the age of students to 11 and 21 to disseminate the “new domain” of cryptocurrencies to students, faculty and parents.n
School mail shows:n
n”Although St. Lawrence College on the subject and no official position, but think students should be alert and aware of the products they buy. The forum will focus on monetary encryption features, the underlying technology, and the basic market conditions, investment in security precautions.”n
nAlthough the original plan was held on February 2, it was postponed.n

Information Night Initiative received supportn
Chrisann Lee, a professor of business and accounting at Queensland University of Technology, backed the school decision by noting that teens would benefit from cryptocurrency-related educational activities.n
Lee said:n
n”Although young people have strong basic knowledge of finance such as budgets and interest, they are still struggling to overcome more advanced topics such as investing,” emphasizing that young people need to understand “the technology, security, etc., of the assets and support they buy In order to make a reasonable decision clearly. “n

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