Austrian energy company Switch to pay special currency

nnnThe Austrian energy supplier Switch announced on Wednesday that it was time to accept the use of Bitcoin to pay for gas and electricity charges to meet the needs of digital currency enthusiasts and to attract more people’s attention to digital money. Combined with other recent Austrian related news, it is easy to see that the country has been accelerating to accept encryption innovation.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAustrian and German energy supplier Switch has begun to accept the use of Bitcoin to pay gas and electricity bills.n
nSwitch is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnergieAllianz Austria, which on Wednesday said in a press release and a Facebook announcement that it was the first time that Austrian energy users had access to this service.n
n”We hope to meet the needs of digital money enthusiasts and other stakeholders by launching Bitco Payments in Austria,” its chief executive, Christoph Schmidt, said in a press release.n
nNow, the person who chooses to pay with a bit currency will also display the amount in the bill with the bit currency.n
nAt the consumer level, Austria is rapidly becoming a fan of digital money. Wholesale merchandise retailer Yipbee announced last month that orders for royalties now account for 10% of its total sales.n
nPrior to this, the Austrian capital of Vienna in February also opened a special Bitcoin information points, to carry out virtual currency and Bitcoin ATM knowledge publicity.n
nThese developments have allowed Austria to lead Germany in its neighboring countries. From a regulatory point of view, Germany’s progress in accepting encryption is very slow.n

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