AXA uses the Ethernet segment to develop new aviation insurance products

nnnIn the wake of the break: French insurance giant AXA released a new flight delay insurance products, the use of public ether square block chain storage and processing insurance claims. Using the APF Smart Contract to store insurance contract records, automatically triggering flight delays claims. Through the automatic trigger mechanism to ensure transparency of the process, increase customer confidence in the insurance company. In the future, AXA Group may use the currency for insurance compensation.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nFrench insurance giant AXA (AXA) has released a new flight delay insurance product that uses the public etherfront block to store and process insurance claims.n
nProduct name “Fizzy”. Is known as the “smart insurance” for passengers who have used more than two hours of claims for flight delays. The product cleverly uses smart contracts to meet the specific conditions of the block chain to trigger the implementation of the code automatically.n
nAXA said that the ether tower public chain here played two key roles. It maintains accessible insurance contract records in smart contracts and is a mechanism that triggers passenger compensation after more than two hours delay.n
nAXA on behalf of Jean-Baptiste Mounier wrote in the message:n
nn”The smart contract determines whether we should compensate the insured and send a request for payment to our system. The use of a smart contract to trigger claims can increase the trust between the insurance company and the insured.”n
nnThe final AXA sees the release of the product as a way to achieve transparency in the insurance process.n
nn”Building a customer-oriented product is the goal set by the AXA. By eliminating the liability for insurance, we will use the APF Smart Contract to trigger compensation, and we will increase our customer confidence in AXA.”n
nnFuture AXA Consider other ways of using the etherchard block chain for Fizzy products.n
nThe current Fizzy insurance claims use the government issued currency. However, AXA said that in the future want to use the coin to calculate these payments.n
nn”In the future we would like to increase the amount of money to pay and compensation, you can completely guarantee the compensation through the code will be in place of confidence (customers do not have to worry about insurance companies will deceive them).”n

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