Backed by the “Korean bean + Iqiyi” “Contents Protocol”, with the help of token to re enact video data of income distribution rules

I was in “already has 60 million monthly active users to the center platform” Contentos “is how to do incremental? “In the summary of similar” blockchain + content “story: one is to put the integral into token, encourage high-quality content production and dissemination of the” steemit “; the two is to borrow the blockchain can not be tampered with and publicly traceable content ownership, and optimize the copyright income distribution rules.

Contentos’s first mover advantage is reflected in 3 mature products and 60 million monthly active users for foundation. Odaily and the daily planet recent contact block chain content distribution protocol Contents Protocol is in the “start”, in Japan and South Korea has accumulated more than 400 registered users and more than 400 million comments and ratings data .

Contents Protocol WATCHA () backed by the South Korean company, its leading products WATCHA and Play were WATCHA and VOD score of video content platform website (similar to the “Korean” watercress movie and Iqiyi). The use of big data analysis of user preferences, intelligent recommendation sheet; the latter provides all kinds of video content including drama, drama, movies, variety, etc..

WATCHA good block chain application direction is “ to promote the attention and interest of data transfer “.

Contents Protocol holding a technology, relevant data can record and analyze the “audience” pause, comments and other operations and content. According to the business person in charge of James Lee, this technology not only for WATCHA, can also be used for other video streaming website.

I Contents Protocol the first question is, whether these data can sell how much money?

According to a domestic data store price, watercress movies, books can be directly grab data priced at 1 yuan /100. Perhaps, contains more dimensions of the data will not only the price of finished products. But Disney HBO, the film side of the feedback data granularity is of interest, and have strong willingness to pay, will directly determine the Contents Protocol ecological capital entrance how wide”.

Compared with domestic similar video data service providers (such as media, data, AI Guduo diffuse cloud combined data), in addition to the studio (Studio) of upstream role list, real-time data, marketing and social public opinion, also regularly publish reports. According to the official website of the network, network Guduo, ensemble, animation and other content types month / quarterly free of charge, for pricing in 799-2000 yuan / share.

James Lee also said that the “demand side”, data Contents Protocol early adopt free strategy, the data to be really flow together, and then consider the pricing model, the best sign in frame agreement.

The Contents Protocol second question is why combined with block chain?

According to reports, the largest WATCHA in the Korean market competition is Netflix. In order to enhance the market share and data volume, and more VOD (video on demand) signed a cooperation platform, seems to be the right way. So the question is, the film side provides VOD’s data is trust, also affected the price data. The blockchain “is hard to tamper with property can solve the problem of trust.

At the same time, Contents Protocol token and introduced the income distribution through the issuance of new rules, can enhance the user loyalty to WATCHA Play. The new rule is that when users spend $10 in the WATCHA Play on the “crazy animal city”, of which $6 to Disney (film), $2 to WATCHA Play (video platform), the equivalent of $1 to the user token (data producers), the equivalent of $1 token to three more early see the animation of the audience (according to the active degree distribution). James believes that such a mechanism is better than cash (or integral) incentives are more viscous, and encourage users for the first time to see the film.

Technology, token Contents Protocol based on the ERC20 issue, the data on the Ethernet square temporarily. Considering the performance of Ethernet Fang and gas, James said, the team is also looking at large companies such as Kakao, chain development, actively looking for a more suitable bottom.

Contents Protocol is the next step in simplifying the user process, open token payment to watch the right channel; and landing exchange early next year.

The team has more than 10 people, business and technology respectively, have some experience in the field of big data. LIAN and CEO Taehoon Park, Nexon (Bei Mei) Maple Story service developers. LIAN COO and Alex Jihyun Won, co-founder of Onepiece. LIAN and Teddy Taehyun mobile development director Lee, graduated from Seoul National University, majored in electrical engineering, Nexon (Taiwan) and Hongkong Maple Story service developers. Machine learning research director Matthew Jeongmin Yun, Pohang University of Science and Technology, machine learning.

I am Odaily senior editor of the daily planet Hao Fangzhou, block chain quality projects for reports, plus nooxika, please note Name + company + subject.

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