Bakkt extension market has no good, how bitcoin plummeted after the winter?

Kelly Loeffler, chief executive of the American Intercontinental Exchange subsidiary Bakkt Bakkt said, has been with the review of CFTC Bakkt, due to the huge workload, Bakkt bitcoin futures release date postponed to January 24, 2019. In addition, Loeffler said they plan to expand the number of products, details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Before the forum several times to follow up the release of Bakkt force news, this is the last good year, so this year has been delayed, no obvious positive exist. Then from the recent decline, the market funds are also taking advantage of the chaos chose short to complete the water mark, the message is a double-edged sword, both long and short backhand, according to the foreign currency bitcoin encryption of energy consumption statistics, the bitcoin has almost close to cost price 4000 dollars, Ethernet square cost price is only $more than 100, now down to $more than 130.

A bad lead the market down, the BCH force SEC war, punishment of all the chips and ask for a refund, Bakkt extension, the 45 day of redemption, the global economic situation changes, in this period of time, funds have chosen to hedge the market, even if it is not cool, winter is also a snowstorm.

Then this winter, in the money market to encrypt the winter?

If on some digital assets of interest, such as node, digital assets, encryption currency credit cards, a variety of host, are now involved in many of these low prices than before. This kind of digital assets are not affected by the price in the market, the price is low participation threshold is low, in the bear market more easily accumulated usage, network effects.

For example, ZEN super node, 500 ZEN, now only the bull market prices fell 15%, can bring more value to support the node construction.

For example, RVN ASSETS, 500 RVN registered, now half of it had been registered, digital assets cheaper, registered no loss, because the name has not, to get rid of the influence of digital asset market price. As the price of the car is not affected by oil prices, crypto currency is oil, used car, the car will be more and more, the market price is low, cheaper oil, car sales will be bigger.

Such as playing off the cloud, compared with early 2000 yuan fry high price, now has hundreds of yuan, so as to increase sales, while sales of more thunder can get greater sharing of bandwidth and storage, provide more CDN to accelerate, chain g pay.

Aion founder Matthew smoke recently made a speech, specifically said on the market this winter to see, to share with you.

We now often talk about algorithms, talk about consensus, talk about all kinds of DAPP, talking about the market, I think we forget why in the blockchain this way for 10 years now, the industry is still in the experiment, but the block chain is the best way to change life. We are talking about a borderless society, exciting products, more fair, everyone can play a role in changing the world, but in the past ten years, these are not realized.

Who will survive the winter encryption currency? Historically, the Internet Co’s period, more than 90% companies disappear in a short period of time. In 1995 18, the Internet search engine, it was not until 2003 that we know who is the winner. Ten years ago, we still use flip computer Microsoft, now with the iPad tablet computer. The most advanced in the industry, does not mean to become the industry winners, survive the winter.

No one will care about ten years ago, no one will remember when the market price. This year the market lost hundreds of billions of dollars, investors lost interest, this is not a bad thing, not every day to see the price. Four years ago, there is no market and no one concern, no one investment is not rich, we can be more pure for a better future to concentrate on developing technology.

Today we are in manufacturing, is the hypothesis of “what kind of future”. Assuming that the technology is how to achieve, will be how to develop, we need to do what, what is the long-term goal.

Compared to block chain technology and other mainstream technology is not worth mentioning, we haven’t seen the actual application available to anyone. We need to be like 20 years ago, we must constantly remind ourselves that, now the industry of 99% is unknown, 99% people don’t pay attention to these, hundreds of billions of market capitalization of the world is of no great importance. We are talking about is a great program, is on the point of the technology, can change the infrastructure of the world. The market fell a few hundred dollars, not worth mentioning in the long history, because we are designing is five years ten years thirty years, who can be the first to let everyone can use the new technology, can make the application become meaningful, let everyone involved, like Google 20 years ago, become the mainstream after 20 years, lived in winter.

So when entering such an unknown industry environment, there is volatility uncertainty, how we react and make decisions quickly? VUCA look, this is a military term of 90 years, are now used in various organizational strategy. When we meet the changeable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous things, we must improve the cognitive level, organize related knowledge, to distinguish the order of priority, is expected to change things and understand things and actions, the intrinsic connection between differential variables, preparing for a variety of situations and change the reality and understand a variety of related opportunities.

This method should now encryption monetary conditions appropriate.

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