Bank of America applies for nine block chain patents

nnnThe United States Patent and Trademark Office announced the latest US nine chain block patent applications, as of now the bank applied for a total of more than 30 block chain patent, only 2016 a year there are 18. From these patents, the direction of bank research is the block chain payment. The specific circumstances of these patents are not yet known.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe Patent and Trademark Office publishes nine sector chain-related patent applications from Bank of America.n
nCoinDesk data show that the application involved in the payment network transactions in the implementation and settlement, the application date of February 22. At present, the Bank of America has applied for more than 30 block chain patents, only 2016 a year there are 18.n
nThe span of these patent applications shows that the Bank of America is building a block-based chain-based payment system. At the same time the bank did not issue a clear statement on this, it is not clear which of the invention can be approved.n
nBanks’ past statements imply areas where these intellectual property rights are involved.n
nLast September, Bank of America and Microsoft announced a partnership to use sector-chain technology for trade finance. The partner is Microsoft’s Microsoft Treasury, which handles corporate payments and strategic investments, with the aim of building a new block-based chain system that facilitates transactions between the two companies.n
nBut still do not know whether this project can be upgraded to commercial scale. According to the 2016 patent application speed, Bank of America may also be developing other intellectual property projects.n

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