Bank of America develops block chains for real-time bankcard settlement

nnnThe Bank of America is currently disclosing the development of a block-chain system for real-time bankcard settlement and issuing recruitment advertisements seeking talent in the field. Earlier, Bank of America had already come across block-chain technology and had filed ten patent applications related to encrypted currency. Its development of the block chain system initiatives to a certain extent means that the future of the block chain in the financial sector will be widely used.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nIf you are a programmer and want to get a career success, focusing on the block chain technology is always right because it will seem to be the basis of all money-related systems in the future.n
nBank of America, the second largest bank in the United States, said on July 27 that it was developing a new system based on block chain technology that needed talent in the field.n
nBank of America’s job advertisements show that the people they need should have experience developing zone chains / distributed book technology / Ether Square Frontier / Solidity or IBM Hyperledger / Fabric. The position is aimed at mid-range developers with strong Java and database skills and is passionate about the development of application architecture for new bankcard accounts and “real-time” payment systems on the pay-as-you-go (PaaS) platform.n
nBank of America has witnessed a variety of applications for block chain technology. The bank filed ten patent applications for encryption money in June 2014.n
nEncrypted currency risk detection system; Encrypted currency transaction verification system; Encrypted currency electronic payment system; Encrypted currency Suspicious user alarm system; Encrypted currency consolidation system; Encrypted currency Online vault storage system; encrypted currency transaction payment system and encrypted currency real-time conversion system.n

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