Bank of America submitted three block chain patent applications

nnnLast week, the US Patent and Trademark Office announced the details of patent applications filed by the Bank of America for three block chains. These applications mainly hope that the use of block-chain technology to verify the identity of the system users and the authenticity of information. In line with its past efforts, Bank of America is very active in applying for block chain patents, but there is no real progress.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nThe three patent applications filed by Bank of America show that the bank is focusing on the authenticity of the use of the Block Chain Technology (DLT) verification information and the identity of the information processor.n
nThese patent applications were first filed in February 2016 and details are published by the US Patent and Trademark Office last week.n
nOne of these applications describes the process of using block chains to track and verify user identities. For example, the file details how the distributed database system updates the identity of the new user, then stores the new details and creates a timestamp for it. The application states that it will verify “signature, physical attributes, user location” and other data.n
nAnd then according to the timeline to generate authentication problems, third-party services can also use these issues to open the user access channel.n
nThe second patent application is designed to verify changes in user identity, allowing the system to update the information over time.n
nAt the same time, the bank also submitted a more general patent application, from its file, the patent application is designed to verify the process of insecure “tools” into a safe.n
nIn general, these applications indicate that Bank of America is seeking to use the block chain to verify the identity of the system user and the authenticity of the information in the system.n
nAs far as the current situation is concerned, Bank of America is very active in applying for sector-related patent patents, and ten patent applications have been filed by the end of 2015. However, public data indicates that these applications have not been granted patents.n

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