Bankable and Moneyou: Challenging the status quo with popular financial technology

nnEuropean online bank Moneyou has announced that it will increase its portfolio, and with the payment solution provider Bankable financial technology will be the Netherlands and Germany’s millennial generation as its target customers. The author of this article talks with the head of the two companies on the partnership, the importance of the cooperation and the future development of the two sides, respectively, the difficulties faced by cooperation, the two companies to take the measures taken, and the two sides unique The way of cooperation has been described, indicating the importance of communication and trust.n
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European retail online bank Moneyou today announced that it will increase its portfolio portfolio to diversify its multi-pocket and multi-card technology with Bankable’s solution provider to target the Dutch and German millennials as its target customers. Moneyou understands the changing needs of its customers in a unique way and continually improves products and services to meet these needs. Bankable is the most popular financial technology for existing companies and is known for its rapid implementation and, accordingly, its ability to generate revenue faster. I talked with Moneyou CEO Liesbeth Rigter, Moneyou Chief Operating Officer Theo van Bon and Bankable CEO Eric Mouilleron talked about their partnership, the importance of their cooperation, and the future.n
As Mouilleron emphasized, it was difficult to communicate with partners in the past.n
n”Those who build these systems are not retired, or are they no longer working on it, so these left-hand questions help create a company like ours. Our point of view is to create a new environment outside of the bank so that Different infrastructure can be re-created as a parallel organization on a parallel server and recognized and used by banks. The bank uses infrastructure, software, accounts, and processing power to build new banks; that’s where we work with Moneyou The work of the content.n
nMouilleron talked about the cooperation between the two sides and technical capabilities, while the two sides need a lot of trust, which is Bankable and Moneyou built, and will be completed within 4 weeks POC test.n
Bon said that Bankable provided a wallet account system to enable it to jump out of the routine, in full confidence in its partner capacity under the premise of the formation of the bank. Bon explains:n
n”Moneyou does not provide anything, and because the platform is API-based, we will be able to use the functionality provided by Bankable on the platform.” Bankp and Moneyou are dependent on each other, Rigter said, but although Moneyou is ABN AMRO’s Company, but when it comes to IT infrastructure that favors retail banking, they are 100% independent. “We are able to move forward faster and make changes based on customer needs without stagnating or relying on traditional systems of large banks.”n
nn”We have an ecosystem with our partners, and we also have an ecosystem with our customers and potential customers, and there are always other ways to look at their financial situation and how banks use them I think we are working with Bankable to build a platform that will enable us to develop a new way of banking with new features and features in a groundbreaking style.Customers will tell us what they need, less of these communication, we It is not clear to see the future, and keeping it at the same level as customers and partners means working actively with respect to services that are not yet available.n
nRigter said:n
n”And this is also related to future demand, because sometimes customers do not know what their needs, which is my use of ‘groundbreaking’ to describe the reason for the word sometimes because the demand can not adapt to the rules, instability appears It is especially important that the millennials live life around the work, from which they will produce different financial needs – as seen in their own lives, not all families are made up of mothers, fathers and two children “Similarly, Bankable may also be described as unstable, as Mouilleron said, all of which are now happening:” After the contract was finalized six months later, we conducted the first transaction. Way so that we can deliver in time. “n
nRigter continues to say that as the times change, the terms “partnership” and “ecosystem” are often used to describe such forms of cooperation. “It’s important to openly show that your ideas are important and do not say anything. Sharing ideas is the way you keep in touch with future customers and avoiding obstacles in uncertain times.” While the turnaround time seems easy, Mouilleron , The obstruction does exist, because after all they are building a bank. “We are not a magician, we want to keep working with customers, so if we really happen, we can solve the problem, we will not hide the problem.”n
Righter said, we spent a lot of energy to choose partners, whenever it is a difficult task.n
n”After listing, screening, demonstrating, and providing sandboxes, we decided to combine Bankable developers with our developers and build on our existing savings account, which was asked to build a paid wallet in four weeks We did it for the first time in this way, but it also proved the way in which cooperation worked, but also reflected their delivery speed and execution. Practice was the only criterion for testing the truth, but Not all companies are willing to practice. “n

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