Based on the global community Credo will push the new standard of mail


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nThe California team’s Credo project is designed to apply the Ethernet contract technology to the e-mail industry. Credo’s design goals are clear and clear, that is to improve the current status of e-mail at the same time, do not destroy the existing user experience. Users in the traditional e-mail service has developed a habit of perennial change, so Credo team wants users to continue to use their familiar e-mail settings, will not subvert the product transformation.n

n(BitBounce integrated into the existing mail system)n
nIn pursuit of this goal, Credo team will BitBounce seamlessly integrated into the existing mail account. Simple to understand, Bitbounce is a plug-in, as long as the user to add an account, BitBounce will be able to synchronize contacts and put them in the white list, and then you can filter mail. At present, the plugin is in the final stages of development, Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook will be accessed at that time. Once the plug-in is mature, the user does not need to access the BitBounce control panel.n
nThe use of block chain tokens is no borders. Similarly, Credo’s products will be for the global user. In the early product promotion, the team will use a certain percentage of Credo tokens to set up a user growth pool, with the integration of the Coinbase account system, to stimulate the growth in the number of users. The team will reward the use of BitBounce:n
nnActivate BitBounce with your existing account and continue to use the specified time;n
nUse BitBounce to receive and post messages;n
nSend a reply to the message;n
nReply to a reply to the message;n
nAdd BitBounce to more messages;n
nPromote the use of BitBounce to friends and colleagues.n
nnThe user who performs the above behavior will receive a Credo token. However, if there is no appropriate fraud prevention mechanism, there will be malicious users to use the algorithm to brush, cheat the system tokens. The team will technically eliminate such phenomena. Credo team will use data science to detect potential fraud, and integration of identity authentication methods (commonly known as KYC), to achieve the weight of reward behavior diversification.n

n(Silicon Valley investment master Tim Draper)n
nSome time ago, Tim Draper, a well-known investment giant in Silicon Valley, expressed optimism about Credo’s application in public and subscribed for a 10% share of the token. Tim Draper is the founder of PayPal, has successfully invested in Silicon Valley companies, including Skype, Baidu, Overture, Parametric Technology and Hotmail. Which investment Hotmail is its fame, he used the “viral marketing” concept of the success of e-mail to promote the success of Hotmail played a great help. Now, he invested Credo is a mail field, his favor for Credo Credo brought a lot of users.n

nAccording to Credo team in the July 14 disclosure of data, Credo active users have 7832, the registration volume of 33,257, weekly growth rate of 41%, the monthly growth rate of 293%. BitBounce handles 42,000 messages per day, and the user has added 65.4950 whitelists. Credo’s block-chain data shows an average of 100 transactions per day.n
nWith the advent of Credo, the number of Credo users will continue to grow at a considerable rate, Credo’s introduction of the tokens model is expected to become the new standard in the mail field.n
nCredo official website is, the date of the sale is July 26. Chinese community manager micro signal is Crypto_community.n

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