Based on the top 10 best experimental applications of the Ether Square

nnnRafting Commentary: The APF Smart Contract is different from other block-chain solutions and supports a variety of different types of de-centric application development. Extend the use of block chains beyond the currency. Currently, the main applications based on the block chain platform include Etheria, EtherTweet, Raiden Network, TenX, Gnosis, for further information.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nEthernet is different from other block-chain technologies with smart contracts, and is now driving the development of emerging markets based on block-based de-centric applications.n
nThe Ether Square can support a decentralized smart contract based on Turing’s complete programming language, which can be negotiated and implemented with transparent, unbreakable patterns, support, validation, and execution contracts.n
nDevelopers are currently using the technology to build applications that go to centrally transparent mode, although this is a new technology model, but the legitimacy and use of block chains are extended beyond the currency.n
nThe following are the five best de-centric applications (dApps) running on the Ethernet platform:n
nThe visual and sensory effects are similar to Minecraft, and Etheria is all stored on the chain of the tower.n
nEverything in this virtual world is used for sales, spending an ether. But once purchased, everyone can send instructions to their land through a smart contract agreement.n
nn”Unlike a large company that has a centralized Minecraft, Etheria can not be attacked.”n
nnIt exists in the block chain, can not be attacked or tampered with. And the individual’s land can not be interfered or restricted.n
nEtherTweet is not difficult to understand from its name, the function is similar to Twitter. But it is completely no audit of the block-based communication platform dApp.n
nn”The interaction on EtherTweet is achieved by adding to the block chain, and as with Twitter, the information or block chain contribution is public, limited to 160 characters.”n
nnOnce the message is published, it can not be deleted or modified unless it is the publisher’s own operation. The accounts on the chain can also accept donations.n
nRaiden Networkn
nRaiden Network is a high-speed transfer program for the store, which runs a Lightning Network similar to Bitcoin, but is more complex.n
nThe release of this dApp also need more perfect, such as expansion, reliability, trading volume, real-time transaction fees.n
nn”However, if successful, this will make the ether square become the preferred platform for seamless transfer of funds.”n
nTenX is another dApp that deepens the power of the Ether Square currency. So that users in the world almost any sales outlets to use the currency.n
nn”In partnership with Visa and Mastercard, TenX will sell the physical card, which will be converted into currency in the currency of the currency, which is used to connect these payments cards in any Visa and Mastercard market.”n
nnIn addition to the physical card, TenX users can run the Ether Square wallet through TenX and shop through the official app.n
nThe purpose of the Gnosis platform is to build a centrally predictive market that allows users to vote on everything from weather to election results.n
nn”It is the more popular dApps on the chain of the ether square, and also has its own token of ERC20, which runs independently of the ether.”n
nnEthernet and its intelligent contract system support developers in their block chain network to build innovative dApps, has been far beyond the scope of digital money.n

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