BCH bifurcation: the history of the most complete large coffee ask

BCH bifurcation hard approaching, what exactly is the battle? Investors should be how to operate? Recently, the “K” in a coin to see station launched a #BCH bifurcation # hard hot discussion with BCH the strongest lineup of guests highlights, stimulate your inspiration: money)

 BCH bifurcation: the history of the most complete large coffee ask

BCH is the supplement of BTC, or to kill the BTC, become a real bitcoin?

@ lightning: the BTC community is the greatest consensus stored value currency and settlement network; and BCH to do the world currency, the currency of the world is a natural currency must be stored, settlement network. BCH is not a supplement to BTC.

The BCH community is indeed a lot of groups that want to kill BCH BTC, but this is not the subjective intention. This idea comes from the free market competition. The same kind of algorithm, the long term, as the SHA256 is increased, it is difficult to exist at the same time both chains. Then BCH and BTC doomed one , I think the conjecture is correct. [1]

The goal of @Cindy:BCH is to become a world money, for everyone to use, even if you don’t love people, people who disagree with you. The goal is the same, but on how to develop the currency in the world have different opinions. Instead of thinking of how to get rid of others, rather than thinking about how to make the development of their own. [2]

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Is war what is?

If there is lightning: @ force into the opposite side two, and at least one party does not wish to split, and insisted that the consent of the other party own route, and that there will be a war is.

Is war’s purpose is to their protocol version inherited the whole economic environment, prevent the ecological division. The enemy is nor the combatants should be focused on the production of block parties, “miners + mine pool constitute a complete node”.

Is reached, the user is not the enemy. All members including exchange, wallet, and Dapp and other ecological nodes, we can use these as civilians. Civilians not involved in the war, nor should it be the volume of war. Is the 51% battle weapon attack, with the longest chain chain rule is effective. A war at the expense of the soldiers is invalid block.

Results the final evaluation outcome, “miner + pool complete node and the other package is no longer compatible protocol blocks, or to exit this chain, obey the agreement on cube. [1]

[1] content source: what is a “lightning war replay protection, what is considered? “

Who is BTC and BCH corresponding to the competition?

@ lightning: the role of BCH is the future of the world currency, for 5 billion people to use the world currency. The main chain with two layers of network can undertake all block chain business, such as the registration rights (such as ICO), to the center of the store. But the role of BTC is to store money, is a settlement network; BTC network to complete the payment by lightning.

BTC, ETH and EOS are BCH competitors. As the bearing block chain business association chain, BCH’s competitors are mainly ETH and EOS. BCH through the chain chain to do public public public chain to absorb all of the competitors, such as bit, the wormhole is essentially a project based on BCH ETH.

Coincidentally, BCH as the biggest competition is the dollar, the yuan as a means of payment; the biggest competitor is Alipay, Paypal, Western union. [1]

[1] the content source: the role of “lightning a. BTC and BCH and competition”

ABC and bit, against the expansion?

@ Chang use: ABC and CSW were both trying to take the “world currency + public chain” mode. ABC and bit support, expansion, agreed to in the test case through the expansion to 128 trillion in May to upgrade, against the arrangements in November to upgrade, the reason is:

A 128M has not been seriously expansion test;

B now the actual capacity is below 200K, the existing 32M has enough space;

C nChain BSV in August 30th to launch a test version of 128M, there is no rigorous test, not to let the whole network using. [1]

[1] content source: “Chang with a discussion on the BCH route”

From the support rate, pre bifurcation, the ABC version is not successful?

Use: CSW @ Chang in the community to support large scale, strong intensity, many supporters have entered the crazy worship.

Currency price shows the market judgment, that the strength of the BCH community who tend to support ABC, and bit. CSW rationalism line is very easy to get public support, because the hearing and it is highly recommended in the white paper, against all outside of the BCH block chain, suitable for ordinary members of the BCH community worship Nakamoto, urgent hope to replace the BTC coin hoard dreams of riches. But the interests of enterprise individual will be more rational and prudent, optimistic about the development of community has been dominated by BCH, ABC, Roger, et al. Team bit, which reflects between market performance and community momentum contrast. [1]

[1] with a content source: “Chang about the SV version to be”

This is not to force is greater than all the rivalry?

@ Jiang: bit side force, zall almost certainly more than CSW, but the outcome of war, not only depends on the stress. If CSW as previously claimed, to the war, that day will burn off tens of millions, or even billions of cost, it will not be reached the bottleneck, but both sides are willing to burn money. There is enough interest in BCH. The two sides are heavyweight, as both sides are willing to burn money, depends on both sides of the will, we can not guess.

The outcome of the war, depending on the calculation of resources and comprehensive effect. CSW is less, the funds needed to more advantage; is force the greater the need financial advantage is small. If CSW is a great advantage of capital, even if the 4000P is, can also win is battle, forcing the mainland to give up defense bit. [1]

[1] content source: “Yanchel: the world interests, when mixed into one ‘article’ is reached”

Look at the number where each version of the BCH node support rate?

@ Queen: can stamp currency pool

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