BCH Bitcoin Cash ABC bifurcation for Bitcoin and SV burn?

 BCH Bitcoin Cash ABC bifurcation for Bitcoin and SV burn?

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According to CCN reports, bitcoin network data provider Coin.Dance website, currently, bitcoin cash ABC (Bitcoin Cash ABC) node than bitcoin SV (Bitcoin SV, SV Satoshi Vision for short) node 600%.

 BCH Bitcoin Cash ABC bifurcation for Bitcoin and SV burn?

However, the dispute between Bitcoin and Cash bifurcation of ABC and Bitcoin SV, the number of not only depends on the number of nodes. In the proof of work under the consensus mechanism, hash is a very important part.

About the work force, support Bitcoin Cash ABC Libet mine pool of the river 13 drow dispatch said, why is to become the top arbitration mechanism of bitcoin? The answer is simple: because stress can kill a chain.

From the hash rate (hashrate) at present, three mine support Bitcoin SV pool (Coingeek, SVPool, BMGPooL) hash rate, reaches about BCH hash rate of 60%.

 BCH Bitcoin Cash ABC bifurcation for Bitcoin and SV burn?

Photograph: https://cash.coin.dance/blocks#minerhashrate date: June 13 11.

However, it is worth noting that this is the BCH hash rate 60%. Yanchel said, because BTC and BCH are using sha256 algorithm mining, so mining pool in technology, in the BTC and BCH back to the second cut stress. So, you can call the BTC bit is used for BCH battle.

But the current bit continent is still in the market stage, CSW threatened to use force, if bit BTC to count the battle, he will attack the bit, through the way of litigation. Jiang zall says this approach has little significance, because the bit, basically do not need to use all the 20000P power challenge, if the use of some force, can use its own statement bit count force (or partner is), the rest (normal paid BTC) miners has no motive for the prosecution, it is difficult to confirm their own digging what is the currency.

CCN pointed out that the hash is not the decisive factor. If the hash dominant tokens, and has not been widely accepted by the exchange and service providers, then the hash will be wasted.

At present, Bitcoin Cash ABC has been Bitpay, and three Coinbase currency exchange support.

For this, Craig Steven Wright (CSW) and not take it seriously, CSW earlier in an interview with the daily planet Odaily said, “we are rich. Wu Jihan thought that he can control the work force, and we just some money. We will let the currency exchange transactions bitcoin encryption cannot cash, until Wu Jihan defeated.”

Jiang believes that CSW must have the drow, capital advantage and stronger will burn, in order to win.

About this will decide the outcome of bifurcation dispute, Odaily will continue to focus on the daily planet.

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