Bear, a “my ancestral three generations are mining miners monologue

“My family is mining!”

In just contact to Wei brother, so he said to us.


Wei brother mine rooted in Sichuan Kangding deep in the mountains, we first met in the vicinity of the town of the teahouse, meet the first sentence, he told us: “you interview me on my ancestral, three generations are mining!”

Should the requirements can not shoot brother Wei himself

The thought of “renruqiming,” Wei brother will be “Daikin chain small watch” society, but the brother Wei is a low-key and enthusiastic person. He also explained the name for a long time: when the parent culture is not high, the name of the fortune teller gave the nickname of “whiskers”, meaning “tiger” in the mines, people called him “brother Wei”, so you came. He let his English name “Winston”, adding that “Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill” and “Winston”.”

Because of the rich family, Wei brother undergraduate in London reading, and later went to Wall Street in the United States work for several years, 15 years when grandpa died, Wei brother funeral home for the elderly, then simply didn’t go back.

When it comes to “the three generation of the family are mining, Wei brother introduced to the grandfather’s generation, his uncle, and he would be putting the coal factory workers in town. Because many children, grandfather’s day money will be able to eke out a living, but their brothers live up to expectations, took the chance, contracted a vanadium ore, then the family is picking up, Wei brother this generation of people will not worry about food and clothing, the students studying abroad, the buy villa villa.


Wei brother read in the UK is finance, he said that 2012 years from inadvertently exposed to Nakamoto paper, then a get out of hand. Go to Wall Street still, just at that time the United States has many early bitcoin line salon work have more opportunities to contact. “When we are in bitcoin, few people when it comes to the block, through in-depth study of one and a half years, he finally had enough of the bitcoin system architecture.

Wei brother collection of paper version of the Nakamoto white paper

After a thorough understanding, rooted in the blockchain get out of hand. From the community to the public purse, from the chain to the exchange, the game to the pool maintenance, each has contact, finally return to the beginning of the heart, “dynastic” home dug up mine.

“In the beginning, the family is opposed to the” student family spent so much effort to cultivate stem from the “pyramid” activities, mining block chain on the difference from the traditional mining, can not be seen or even touched, the family thought I fell into a pyramid, when I put the balance in the bank to see them when they will say no more. However, so far they didn’t feel what meaning I did, but I have to explain to them the “Wei brother immediately added.


Second meeting, we came to the depths of the mountains with Wei brother mine, this is a good field.

Wei brother took us into the “buzzing” shop visit, there are only one or two workers in the face of various vehicle maintenance, Wei brother, on the shelf and he pointed to the shelf said: “here is the ant mining machine, there is a honeycomb, there is a panda, but also on the other side of me go to Amoy to russia……”

Still buzzing operation of the machine, the other half is empty.

Out of the workshop, and we introduced to brother Wei, the side of the original plant are filled with machine, then the market is not good, it will turn out. Only the windows on the old fence seems to validate and tells the past glory.

I am the most is when more than 20 people, nearly 10 thousand Taiwan machine, then you may need to stop the operations staff three shifts, maintenance machine, machine maintenance. At that time, with a kitchen to cook for employees.

But now only 10 people, one is mine less, another reason is the question of price, “a company specialized in various forums, WeChat group sent its sales, hosting the advertising staff in now he took the highest wages”. Speaking of mining things, not say Wei brother’s eyes.


Brother Wei into the office, the most impressive is the “social commitment” four characters, Wei brother said it was asked to learn design students specially to get.

The office wall significantly “social commitment” of the four characters

In addition to these four characters, the most prominent Wei brother in the office is safe, Wei brother warm to us his safe. Open inside neither cash nor gold, only a bunch of like a U disk, mobile phone hardware, a look at the original hardware wallet.

Brother Wei said: “I don’t see this thing, all are worth it, since the price down, I will not be so focused on trade, mining, the mine is to rely on before the savings to maintain, attention is now on how to store money on security”.

This is France’s Ledger Nano S, Czech Trezor, and other domestic Kuyt, recently out of some cold wallet equipment. We found that there are 10 kinds of breakdown.

The function name and origin of these cold wallet, Weige are very familiar with, Wei brother explained started at the beginning of a partner to send cold wallet equipment to him, but was not taken seriously, the background of South Korea lost coins, Japan lost coins, Britain lost coins, the United States lost money, as if the whole world in the lost coin. On the night of the cold wallet, to have a deeper understanding of them, now basically put coins in a cold wallet.

When we asked Wei brother hands now and how many assets, Wei brother waved his hand and looked very helpless say: “even if the problem”.


When we asked the most satisfied with what kind of wallet, Wei brother thoughtfully think for a long time, answered: “Kuyt 3 a little better, feel good, large screen, without relying on computer.”

Brother Wei Hardware Wallet

Wei brother gave us Kuyt wallet family portrait series. From one generation to the two generation to the two upgrade to the three generation, “the last time my partner sent me a gold version I don’t want to, you see the coin circle bigwigs have a take out, can be installed X,” Wei brother joked.

We asked why satisfied with this product, not satisfied with other wallet equipment, and for a while and thoughtful brother wei.

“I’m on other wallet products is also very satisfied, especially Ledger Trezor,” they are all international brands, do all the asset store very early. But I was quite slip, when recommend to others, those friends of mine will not simply teach English cannot read, I will not say, each with all over the wall. The key is my people in the factory will not operate ah, taught many times also stuck.”

Later Ledger was a 15 year old hacker black, I was a little worried, though not very understand principle, but always feel that it is not safe enough, now, my Ledger Nano S didn’t put a few coins. God is in fact but the library is not convenient, although not out of a security incident, but when the 2 generation of products every time to sweep the two-dimensional code many times. Every time he personally started, too difficult, let others do, I could stare at.

Now the three generation out, use the NFC function a lot of convenience, when the transaction is posted about mobile phone synchronization, “but this machine does not support iPhone, I have to go with the HUAWEI, domestic support!”

“We understand that they were selling very expensive, I didn’t think it should be more than 4000.” When we asked this question, the reporter with Wei brother as the smile. “Ha ha, brother of Wei, this money is not what.”


In the end when it comes to the future, Wei brother still has a lot to say.

In fact, I was quite worship Nakamoto, his bitcoin led the blockchain, also gave me great inspiration, but not now, learn the financial knowledge are soon forgotten, “Wei brother think he will be determined to go on the road in mining.

A corner of mine

What if…… really have that day, all the wind Piaoyun light, Wei brother said may look at other projects, but the uncertainty is not block chain.

When leaving, Wei brother looked at the roar of the workshop, said: “I am still very cheerful, to borrow a popular words,” there is a mine in my house! He has been urging me to return his footsteps, but he is in good health, I think he can do it again a few years.”

After the interview, Wei brother sent to WeChat: I just dig a project, I was a believer in bitcoin. The next time we meet and asked to change the name of his English name “Winston”.

(source: Babbitt Forum)

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