Bearish: bitcoin Bitcoin has the potential to $1000

Bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC) beyond all expectations to fall below $5800, a record low since this year. After several days of sideways action, bitcoin and copycat brothers continue to sell on Monday. In just a few hours, the trading volume rising again, investors rushed to sell their currency.

As you may have realized, prompting BTC to further decline, resulting in BTC fell to below $5000, despite the short-term trend indicators show that the asset is significantly oversold. At present, the price of bitcoin for $4930, a market capitalization of $85 billion, far from the peak in December 2017.

Since the assets last Monday morning in the fall, the market has slowed, BTC above $4800 to find a point of support, this is the market in the optimistic view encryption support is one of the most powerful.

Although some people pointed out that bitcoin cash “hard fork”, and the controversy surrounding the controversy, is the only catalyst to sell, but not so compelling is that investors will bitcoin collapse due to many other factors — the collapse mechanism and liquidation, 1C0, and stablecoin zone (“support”) a simple breakthrough after a week.

However, despite all these so-called catalysts have their advantages, but some people do not think so, including the dealer Innis Oanda (Innes). The traders and MarketWatch Hankin (Aaron Hankin) to discuss the matter, the capital market traders pointed out that his “bearish” remains incredible on BTC, and explained that could reach $1000 price level, only the chief executive of BitMEX to $2000.

Translation: Kunming plus

Source: ethereumworldnews

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