Before bitcoin bounce, new branched encrypted currencies are unlikely to gain a strong rise

Since bitcoin blockchain cash in November 15th has been formally adopted by the hard bifurcation since a month, thus creating two distinct networks.

They are usually called bitcoin bitcoin cash ABC and SV.

Design of bitcoin cash is, every six months, the user must “fork” block chain and the use of software upgrades, and change is determined according to the project developer. If developers and miners should upgrade to reach a consensus, the main chain intact, only by called “soft bifurcation” software upgrade.

All bitcoin cash fork belong to the “soft” category, but the latest different fork. This time, the upgrade can not agree, tensions between developers is also increasing, so the chain experienced split bifurcation hard – in other words, it is divided into two separate chains, with their own encryption currency.

Since BCHABC and BSV bifurcation, are traded in the currency exchange encryption, but after the volatility of 30 days, the price is only $10.

After the split, two encryption currency bitcoin cash ABC and the newly created bitcoin SV listed, and started in exchange respectively with $295 and a $90 deal. It is worth noting that a number of exchanges in the bifurcation before the “pre transaction branch”.

Most of the time in November, BCHABC is the price leader, sometimes up to 10 times the value of peer. As the month goes on, the difference between the two is reduced. Since listing, the broader market in the crypto currency total capitalization sharply selling more than 800 billion dollars. The results, both the price devaluation fork.

There is no doubt that before bitcoin and market prices, new bifurcation of encryption currency is unlikely to get a strong rise.

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