Behind the bit, due to rumors, the conflict of interest? Spy conspiracy?

 Behind the bit, due to rumors, the conflict of interest? Spy conspiracy?

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Bits of the mainland to Hong Kong to apply IPO on the occasion, the negative rumors of financial problem almost continuously.

The early morning of November 5th, a bit, debt, by the supplier out of stock news again maxed blockchain media.

This is a message from Coingeek. Public information display, Coingeek 2017, and launched by the acquisition of Calvin Ayre Media group encryption currency news website, focusing on the new bitcoin (BCH) technology, is currently the largest pool of BCH mine.

According to Coingeek news release, bit, in less than half an hour then responded: “Coingeek continued on our character is low up malicious rumors…… All the company financial prevail.”

Coingeek continued to fabricate low bit character, malicious rumors? The daily planet Odaily did not grasp the details of data for Coingeek said bit, thus unable to determine.

But both access to public information discovery, there are indeed several months of the war of words between Coingeek and bit “.

Since July of this year, around the BCH bifurcation, Coingeek questioned BCH intelligent scheme, announced the contract bit flawed, would be a disaster for the miners community. The founder of IPO, the bit at the beginning of tweeted that the IPO will be killed.

Bit, founder Wu Jihan also bluntly in the community, Coingeek is “silly X the Cong CSW led Australia false, even have stood together with Coingeek’s” false Nakamoto “is the development of a lightning spy network company.

Industry sources, recently, BCH bifurcation of the time, and the two sides will be more intense competition.

Renewed strife

“Well-known encryption currency mining and mining machinery manufacturing giant bit, likely to be the main chip supplier from TSMC received chip. According to Coingeek from multiple news sources informed, bit, in TSMC’s capital is about more than 3 billion dollars. Specifically, bit, TSMC currently owes about 10 billion dollars in debt, but they only pay 7 billion dollars, unable to pay the remaining debt.”

11 5, from Coingeek, a bit in TSMC payment message instantly spread in the media. At the same time, Coingeek also pointed out that TSMC may not give bit, delivery.

Bits in the mainland to Hong Kong IPO, the related financial information often maxed blockchain media, causing questioned on bit.

Soon, according to Coingeek reports, issued a response to the Odaily bit, the Daily Planet: “Coingeek of our character is low up malicious rumors, its contents had no credibility, hope the media friends to keep their eyes open, do not reprint obviously untrue rumors. All the company financial prevail.”

In response, Odaily bit, the daily planet, the content of bit access to earnings, found that some information related to the dispute: “because of industry practice, companies need to pay 50% in advance payment to the outsourcing manufacturers (TSMC), while the factory production cycle is about three months, the company accounts payable a turnover is negative.”

At the same time, the document also said, is due to the contract is only 50% payment in advance, Jia Nan Zhi Yun compared to pay the full amount of the way, bit more opportunities to reduce operating costs.

Subsequently, Wu Jihan and Twitter update response: “for reference: Coingeek is a false Nakamoto control.”

But the storm did not calm. Odaily Coingeek refers to the daily planet on the mainland to bit TSMC confirmation, TSMC said will respond as soon as possible, but as of press time did not receive the relevant response to the daily planet Odaily.

At noon on November 5th, TSMC agency spokesman Sun Youwen told the media responded: “we only exist between customers and customers and suppliers’ trust relationship” between customers and suppliers of all normal payment status.”

The dispute has been going on for several months

Coingeek and bit, the dispute had appeared.

8 months, bit, outgoing market news. During the period, Coingeek also broke, the negative rumors about a bit. As the founder of Coingeek Calvin Ayre has issued a document on Twitter, said bit could kill the IPO reorganization: now the market is not very good, and the competition is very fierce, so they are not listed, but also reasonable, to reorganize a.”

Then, the bit, officially to the HKEx submitted the prospectus, crack IPO termination rumors. After a bit closer to mainland investors also revealed to the media, Coingeek and Btcking555 as the BCH bifurcation, has been in the “story” attack, the news release bit, full of rumors. At that time, due to the bit in a silent period so I can only comment.

In fact, Coingeek not only includes the media business, behind also operates a namesake BCH pool. This year, some media have reported that the Coingeek master is mine pool soared, and may even threaten the bit, its mineral pools (ant mine pool and pool, ViaBTC pool ore mine) BCH force dominance.

The relevant data shows that more than a month ago, Coingeek BCH is the master force of more than 31%, while the mainland’s ViaBTC bit less than 18%, is about 11%, less than 10% ant mine pool.

After Coingeek said, is the main bit energy invested to increase BCH, and that this will increase the risk of miners.

But that is not the case. The latest data show that China’s three bit pool master BCH stress was not significantly improved, three count for 16.7% of the total force. Coingeek also fell sharply, currently 20.6%.

In the BCH.

BCH (Bitcoin Cash, a bit of cash) is the first bifurcation coin BTC. 8 2017 1, ViaBTC, bit and bitcoin ABC lead mine pool BU development group, the original bitcoin core development team of BTC hard bifurcation, BCH was born.

In order to preach BCH bit has the main profit company, to buy BCH, the internal report from IDG shows, the two founders, Wu Jihan bit and Zhan G group also put their entire net worth betting on BCH, the total reached by more than $2 billion 500 million.

At the end of 2017, BCH was the main exchange, public support bitcoin payment service providers, bitcoin core developers, coin circle chiefs, rose over 60%, the price is from hundred thousand soared to the highest point, had reached $4091, the market value is close to BTC 1/5.

At the end of 7, part of the BCH community members announced, will be launched in November second BCH (Note: BCH hard hard bifurcation bifurcation does not produce new currency).

But the other members of the community opposition. At present, the BCH community can be divided into three groups, the radical, led to the bit; with “Australia false Nakamoto” Craig Wright (CSW) led by the Conservatives, including BU, Cobra and Coingeek; to led centrist.

The group had bitcoin “expansion” to stand together as teammates, now also had from bitcoin as independent, to achieve their vision and their direction.

“Australia false Nakamoto” camp to return to BTC the beginning of the heart, do a Turing incomplete electronic payment system. While the bit in mainland China, want to use BCH on a DAPP compatible with the industry chain of public road.

At the end of this year 7 month, the developers will be based on bit, BCH launched the “wormhole Protocol”, it can not change the consensus rule in the case of issuance, transfer and combustion through card, this is the function of intelligent level of contract.

But Coingeek openly questioned the intelligent contract protocol, wormhole BCH bit announced the defects in the economic model. Coingeek believes that the mainland may use it in bits of the wormhole to control the system and has been released by the side of the pre-existing tokens, this plan is a disaster for the miners community.

Two pictures circulated on the Internet shows that Wu Jihan had in its community of Coingeek has made a dramatic response:

The screenshots circulated on the Internet, Wu Jihan worked directly with “F**K” to the other BCH center, angrily “Australia false Nakamoto” and “Coingeek” as “silly X”, called “boast. No, really very poor delivery of the project, it is said that” the separation of good”.

V God is Jihan Wu supporter. He said on Twitter: “the BCH community should not be in order to avoid splitting due to CSW compromise, but should seize the opportunity to be kicked out of the community, and he refused to come back again.”

In any case, in the upcoming BCH bifurcation of the occasion, the two sides of the conflict has escalated again in today, the industry estimates, with the BCH bifurcation near the battle between the two, it may not stop.

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