Behind the fall of bitcoin, really bad is selling its business and game player

Reprinted from 100, author: IE star

Last month, bitcoin slump in a situation, let bitcoin into the field of vision, within a month, bitcoin price cut, then bitcoin prices fell from the highest point near 80%, the market value of the evaporation of bitcoin nearly 1.2 trillion yuan. Once let countless people are longing for the bitcoin has become many people “hell”. In micro-blog, WeChat and other bitcoin bitcoin forum, a game player. Luck still sell its businesses, after bitcoin plummeted, many mills rapidly breakdown price, after the collapse of bitcoin, then it’s to buy its businesses.

There is a mining businesses that own in bitcoin soared before the purchase of a large number of M3 mills, before bitcoin did not fall, its own market price is ten thousand yuan, but now the prices of these mills, have all reached the state of shutdown. There are other businesses that, for these mills, even their own second-hand to turn out, no one, can be regarded as the basic metal, for its loss, is equivalent to a loss of one hundred million. For these businesses, small can only say is to get rich people, till now because the market suffered.

Is not just to sell its businesses, there are a large number of coins in the game player, which many people are digging machine to borrow money to buy bitcoin, till now, under the situation of bitcoin prices plummeted, his bitcoin has arguably cap-a-pie to lose not, and there are a lot of people it is to borrow money to buy ore mining, leading to their bitcoin being unable to escape in now. In small series, bitcoin will eventually return to normal price, because bitcoin does not create real wealth, just in the transfer of assets continuously, the majority of the assets will be transferred to the hands of a few, but not regulated, for there is no protection to the game player.

For those trapped in the bitcoin in bad and its businesses to buy game player, Xiaobian said sorry, but different, these people are wanted by speculation overnight, this idea is wrong from the start, through long-term accumulation of wealth, is the industry created and not by speculation to create the true is build up the family fortunes effort and sweat in exchange for the. But bitcoin is on the network, invisible, but want to get their own money to buy their own vehicle, pay the bill to get, but not under government regulation, it is not desirable? So in the bitcoin rose after the vertex may not rise again, fell, they also follow the bad luck.

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