Below the $3800 bitcoin currency when prices will dip?

On Saturday (November 24th), bitcoin fell below $4000 an important psychological barrier, hit a new low since September 2017, the lowest intraday hit $3520, after around $3800 to stabilize.

From Monday at the start of $5553 to the lowest point of $3520 bitcoin currency price one week fell 36%, and even hit 5 years the biggest weekly decline after the second week of April 2013, when the currency price fell from $165 to $91, or up to 44.8%.

Bitcoin plunged two weeks without a strong rebound, also shows that in the current bearish case, few people want to buy “bargain”.

The fierce bear what time will end?

What is bitcoin will fall below $1500, or $25000 above?

Bitcoin currency price in the end when it will rebound?

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Morgan, a founder of Anthony capital Pompliano Carey

From the analysis of the psychology of investors, they have not been hurt. Twitter said they are still in the “currency prices will rebound, will soon rebound,” that must be fine. If people really have to sell bitcoin, then the market is really.

From the technical analysis, market support at around $2800-4000, a plurality of support in this range, may be 3000 or 3500 dollars, but certainly not now.

Now the situation will not develop according to the laws of history, but history is still a good way to look at the problem. Both in the market cycle, a decline of more than 80%, now 75% decline from the digital close, if fell to $3000 from the highest price has fallen by 85%.

So I think the price is RMB will continue to decline from the three aspects: should be below $4000, $3500-3000 range.

Over time, it may be 2019 years, I think it will be extended to 2019 years in the three quarter, until the people give up struggle, confidence slowly disappeared, leaving the industry.

I think we are far from the lowest point.

Speculators and spectators have gone, the rest is faith bitcoin long-term value, long-term cash, now do not do what is the best course of action.

Two, analysts, bitcoin derivatives dealer Tone Vays

I and my attention a lot of discussion of this matter, hoping to accurately determine the currency price bottom time. But now, I still don’t see the “end” where the price of bitcoin is still in a very long period of time continue to fall.

People in the past couple of weeks finally know the “bear” terrible, but I think bitcoin is still very confident. People really bitcoin lost confidence, is at the bottom and rebound of currency.

May be below $1000, may be around 3000-4000 between the first half of the year, this is not a particular time and the problem of the price, this is the issue of people’s confidence.

If many people choose to leave the bitcoin ecosystem, until some left alone may stand in here, bitcoin prices will hit bottom, the length of time depends on the speed of people to evacuate.

If the government is slowly to cancel the physical currency, there will be more and more people pay more attention to bitcoin; if the global economic downturn badly, the government increased taxes, people may use bitcoin to tax avoidance.

To bear what to do, my advice is:

1. if you want to quit the job and threw himself into this industry, then you’d better not do that now.

2. yuan of capital accumulation to currency, price below $3000, you can start bitcoin.

3. now is not the time to panic selling, the price to sell more.

Three, bitcoin Institute co-founder Alex Tapscott

From the beginning of last 12 months, we have suffered a continuous 10 months bear market. The financial market bear market generally will not last for a long time, but the encryption money market reference precedent is not much, a bear market pullback quickly, but this time is very slow.

Bitcoin prices began to fall, people are still full of confidence, but now people have been very panic, panic selling, will choose to flee the market. I don’t know now people have to panic is the critical point. Bitcoin prices may now will rebound, also may have been down, this is not good.

We need to make people believe that the intrinsic value of digital assets, then they will be willing to buy. Not because of speculation, it is not because of fear behind the trend, but because they believe these assets will be widely used.

So I study some already raised, not landing, but soon landed the project, such as Cosmos, Polkadot; I also pay attention to a number of emerging network applications in the Ethernet EOS, Aeon, Fang after ICON, Tezos and so on are booming, technology is also slowly maturity.

Stimulation of catalyst, these are not what currency price factors or raise the emotional factors I mentioned, they are basic solid, is the intrinsic value of the market.

I want to see the technology applied, people feel the convenience, the developer commitment in real time.

In fact, people always overestimate the short-term value of science and technology, and underestimate the long-term value of science and technology.

Institutional investors have been doing in this line for many years, they are unlikely to suddenly like a swarm of bees encryption money market investment, but the real value of things will not lack of investors.

Bitcoin ETF on the market have the stimulation of things is good, but do not just stare at them. If you want a news or a big event can change the direction of the market, then you are wrong, the market turned always are the result of a combination of many factors.

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