Berlin Film Festival held once a year bitcoin

Berlin Film Festival held once a year bitcoin

Berlin in October 31st held a month of the bitcoin Film Festival, the film festival is held once a year, will attract many followers of bitcoin and block chain field. In addition, the festival will also transfer in many global city.

Bitcoin Berlin Film Festival is the first dedicated to bitcoin and block chain technology as the theme of the International Film Festival, the film festival will be transferred to the more than 10 most important city in the world, the city community bitcoin enthusiasts will hold bitcoin activities in their respective city.

According to the official website for the film festival, the last stop bitcoin Film Festival World Tour will be held in the Argentina capital of Buenos Aires. Confirm the other city including Barcelona, London, Madrid, Miami, Luxemburg, West, Mexico City, Rome, San Francisco, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Budapest and Bali Island.

Bitcoin Film Festival Heritage

The concept of bitcoin bitcoin is the theme of the film festival in 2013. A part of the Hamburg Film Festival is only a series of celebration of digital technology innovation activities, the activities of the participants from Barcelona, Bangalore, Tokyo, New York and Tel Aviv each big city in the world.

In 2014, the festival in the city scale has expanded to Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Amsterdam, Budapest and Bali Island.

The film festival is the 8 film was nominated for best film. You can visit the shop to watch Film Festival official website and vote.

Distinctive is the best picture, the voting process will use bitcoin as voting tool. Each of the nominees have a specific bitcoin address, the audience can be sent through bitcoin to elect their own love movie. Obviously, with the largest bitcoin film will be the best film of the festival. Voting will end on December 18th.

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