Berlin international tourism exhibition on block chain technology

Berlin international tourism exhibition on block chain technology

 Berlin international tourism exhibition on block chain technology (1)

In the recently held the fifty-second session of Berlin international Tourism Exhibition On the application of block chain technology in the tourism industry has become a hot topic. Tourism enterprise executives and technology experts generally believe that the blockchain technology In the tourism industry wide application prospect, but it is still in the initial stage.

The United States travel technology consulting company president Norm Rosin thinks, influence the block chain technology for the tourism industry is mainly related to transparency and loyalty. The enterprise can block chain and encryption technology application in its currency for members of the integration project. The latest case is Singapore Airlines announced to launch based on frequent flyer block Plan member integral digital wallet chain technology, passengers can use mileage points for daily consumption in the group cooperation in business.

Luo Xin said, block chain technology has the potential to completely change the distribution, payment and authentication platform, but also need 3 to 5 years to form the climate.

America’s TripX is a walk in the tourism industry chain blocks to solve technical company plan ahead, the company’s chief executive officer Michael Calhoun believes that the payment transaction is one of the most suitable for the application of block chain technology field. Every day many enterprises in the tourism industry should handle a large number of payment transactions, and cross-border payments is tedious, time-consuming, high cost and requires a lot of manual operation.

Calhoun introduced, the company will launch the first encryption currency program, tourism suppliers and distributors can only accept a string of code encryption from the money market to pay, the transaction process is not affected by exchange rate effects.

The Globe Hotel online booking website “helter skelter off” chief executive officer Gillian Tans said, have discussed the potential for development and application of many block chain technology in the tourism industry at present, is still in the initial stage, but there are a lot of interesting ideas and business models in the continuous discussion and development.

Block chain is a collection of Internet technology underlying a variety of technologies, including P2P communication protocol, distributed memory database technology, encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, through the integration of these technologies to create a sequence according to the time, according to the block data recording mode, has a decentralized, peer-to-peer transmission, transparent and traceable, do not tamper with, data security and credit creation function of self.


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