Big Hunters: “throughout the mining investment situation, mining here alone”

Mining has entered a bear market for half a year.

2017 2018 at the beginning of the end of currency price move, let the mining absorb various investors, they regardless of the cost to buy an electric machine, panic buying factory, but in the calculation of the force in this period to move up sharply. Is the number of coins at the end of the play off clearance price slump.

Now, with the arrival of the wet period, mining or recovers slowly in low electricity costs under.

People in the industry believe that mining is a long-term career. Bitcoin has been born for ten years, and mining is the system security infrastructure maintenance.

From the data, the infrastructure has become increasingly large, the first peak said bitcoin mining machine operator, reached 6 billion 200 million last year, with each machine 14T is to count, then the whole network has about 4 million 400 thousand Taiwan machine boot, then the total value of its hardware that is around $40 billion. The number of the card machine is probably card 12 million, according to a card 1600 yuan to count, the graphics hardware mining market at a total cost of around 20 billion.

In addition, with big data, artificial intelligence, networking and 5G technology is coming, and may force industry as an important infrastructure. Therefore, whether it is hot in the market, or in the mining trough, any time of admission is not late.

The words super theme, Odaily invited the daily planet Rawpool mine pool CMO Huang Meng, sea mine academy founder Wang Xiao way to share the right to open the way for all mining hunters.

The following is the interview, enjoy:

Odaily the Daily Planet: first let us invite two guests to do a simple introduction.

Rawpool pool CMO Huang Meng: I worked in the digital currency industry service providers Rawpool pool, as a CMO grade; the company was founded in 2018 11, and Bitcoin Cash as the whole network is the largest mine pool. The company provides the business, provide room construction, network construction, hashrate server hosting, maintenance, pool side, supporting value-added financial services for large enterprise data, covering the whole industry chain of ecological development, in the middle and lower reaches. The company’s existing senior professional team of more than 80 people, which are the backbone technology from Baidu, Ali, Tencent and other enterprises.

The sea mine Institute founder Wang Xiaoyi: I Department of mine Sea Institute founder, is everyone is CEO, the sea mine college is committed to training qualified operator power industry investor. The founding team has rich resources of industrial investment experience, the Council is the head mechanism of industry chain, our vision is a joint force of industrial ecological chain partners share block chain and 5G brings a wealth of opportunities.

Odaily Daily Planet: Mining roughly gone through a kind of process? Now the miners in considering what the problem is?

Wang Xiaoyi: to answer this question we must start from the concept of speaking. Mining is in a period of time, the bitcoin system to confirm the network transactions, and record in the block chain, the formation of the withdrawal process, so the mining of people known as the miners, simply say, the process of mining is accounting, miners are bookkeeper, while the blockchain is the books er.

How to encourage coal miners to mining, the bitcoin system is right to the center of the accounting. Is each of miners have bookkeeping rights, rights of miners successfully grab account to get new bitcoin reward. It is said the process of mining bitcoin. Nakamoto So each produced 210 thousand blocks in the initial design of bitcoin. Bitcoin reward half once, until bitcoin cannot be cut. Therefore, the total amount of bitcoin and gold is limited, so bitcoin is called digital gold, bitcoin is also known as mining production.

When mining is the beginning of an Nakamoto in January 13, 2009 when the first dig creation block. At that time, reward 50 bitcoin, CPU began to use the most can dig bitcoin. But now, with the popularity of his bitcoin is bigger, derived from video mining. Is to use computer graphics to calculate, GPU mining. Through this card is a lot of mining network promotion.

And then it was derived FPGA mill. This machine is called the field programmable gate array, like Lego like, you can go to these components were assembled. This is also let the mining stress has been greatly improved.

And the last is the birth of Asic machine, Asic machine was completely changed the ecological network bitcoin. Why do you say, because the Asic machine translation of integrated circuit is special, its powerful is that he created to be apart from mining, mining, what we could do, professionalism and impartiality of natural needless to say, in the CPU era, is about 20 megabytes per second hash, and in the GPU era the force is 400 MB per second hash. But this machine FPGA era, is about 25 G per second hash. Is the mainstream ant S9 mill has increased from 14T to 28T (7 nm mill).

Huang Meng: Hello, really become a mining industry, I think it is a landmark event, that is the birth of Asic mill.

I think that since the birth of Asic machine, because the input and output is growing exponentially, the industry also gradually realize the division of labor, as we see today, chip development, mine production, distributors, mine, mine pool and other technical aspects, formed a complete industrial chain.

For what is now the miners consider, I think now most of the miners consider the power resources how to find low-cost, compliance, stability. And most of the miners hope bitcoin prices can rise up. The early miners rely on Tun dollars can make money, this is feasible in low prices, but from the beginning of 2018, currency prices continued downward. So how to use financial tools to lock profits, is a new era of miners must make the class.

Odaily Star Daily: now the market is good, currency speculation or mining well. The mining mainly consider what things?

Huang Meng: mining or currency speculation, I think both in the investment property is completely different, the former is partial industrial entities in long-term investment. The latter is more biased in favor of the virtual financial industry short-term investment. Mining compared to its currency speculation, the risk will be lower, more controllable, more stable income.

I think now we are concerned in the mining cost. This cost is divided into two parts, a body is larger than the miners, he is more concerned about the cost of electricity, including mineral resources, mine construction costs; and small miners, more concerned about the number of mine pool charging mode, and electricity loss.

Wang Xiaoyi: for currency speculation or mining, I think there is no doubt, of course is good. Because the mining market is zero, is bitcoin issue. I think the currency speculation, should not be involved in retail, like the stock market, two markets should be by professional institutions to play, put the money handed over to professional institutions. However, because currency too emerging, most organizations are not reliable, and has little experience, it is recommended to retail institutions to keep their eyes open, high return must be accompanied by high risk, your value is income, and see is your principal. Some agencies also will be pure pyramid wheel, capital chain wheel, and block technology to defraud, also hope you open your eyes. In the investment situation, mining here alone.

For mining mainly consider what, I think you are mainly retail or institutional investment, you are mine or do investment trust. If you are investing in mine, you need to consider the stability of hydropower, thermal power and compliance, is still under the state grid power plant electricity, there is no formal procedures for electricity. If it is managed will need to consider your power in the high and low water periods are stable power supply, response time efficiency and troubleshooting operation, this machine will affect the online rate. Mining issues to consider, I can only from the big direction, because it involves a lot of details, here is not carried out.

Odaily: the daily planet now dig what coins a day to earn the most money, how much money? Money back and this cycle is how much?

Wang Xiaoyi: for the third question, because my admission, that is to dig bitcoin, and I firmly believe that bitcoin future long-term value, to dig the other currency is not particularly understand. In order to dig bitcoin as an example, I took a set of data for a second-hand ant S9 14T operator, now the price is about 800 yuan, electricity in accordance with the 37 Fen time, so the daily electricity is about 13 dollars. The daily income is about. 15 piece of money, then every profit is about $2, this cycle will probably back in 370 days. This is the return on investment and output ratio should be considered this year, based on the existing resources and the same currency price is one year. This is only a theoretical algorithm, if the currency price upward, the calculated stress will rise, income will be reduced.

Huang Meng: when it comes to dig what money earn more money, I think this is a mixed problem. Take myself as an example, we also tried a lot before the currency was small, speculation is the fire the fire is small currency. But after a period of time immediately quiet down, a little money in direct now has no value, so I think it is good bitcoin. He is to maintain long-term value, I think it is to make money, if only the digital words, this is a short-term high of no value.

Odaily: how to dig the threshold of the daily planet? Can not provide a standard mining scheme?

Wang Xiaoyi: Mining for individual investors have a certain threshold, as it relates to some of the power resources, operation and maintenance, so I think retail investors can buy some cloud computing products. Then, the funds for large, the agency or the large investor, I suggest to choose a relatively stable and regular mine managed mining. For the big money entering the investors (Institutions), I suggest you before admission to our school to learn the sea mine.

Why was the sea of mine? From last year to now, there are a large number of investors in the field of construction, operation and maintenance as well as its trade on the pit, cheated, the loss is very heavy. So the sea mine Institute, designed five learning modules, from the mining industry cognition, practical construction, from basic concepts to mine, and then to the risk control, such as electricity contract, such as operation and maintenance, network security, and some financial operations, such as currency loan. If the miners think now the currency price, then he can go to the use of currency as collateral, with a mortgage to pay the electricity bills out of money. Of course, can also be through some financial instruments, such as hedging and locking machine mining profits, there are some OTC, such as OTC compliance. Of course, we also hope to be able to talk to the students together in the capital market, through the standardization of mine to go into the mainstream financing, capital market.

Huang Meng: I am sure that the mining business threshold is very high, whether retail or the big institutions need to step on the admission, pre pit is inevitable. But with the development of the industry, more and more standardized, like the sea, ore body growing, or that the course is more and more perfect, we actively participate in, I think this process can still be built out. But the current situation is relative to the individual, because each bring resources and knowledge are not the same.

Odaily: the daily planet may want part-time mining? Whether it will affect the normal life.

Huang Meng: the mining industry has become one of. If you start to dig it, we must take into account the monitoring rate of operation and maintenance, electricity, mine, this is the need to monitor work. If all the hosting out, I think there’s controllability is still very poor. So it depends on your personal energy distribution. If you require on income is not very high, the quality requirements of the field operation is not very high, only when playing well, I feel quite relaxed should be managed out.

Wang Xiaoyi: mining can be used as a way of investment, or an asset allocation. If you want to dig this part-time, in mining, I think it is not recommended, because of its great noise, electricity is very expensive, you can find a professional field to hosting. Or is the purchase of cloud computing service. Mining will not affect the life, which belongs to the investment bitcoin, but currency speculation will affect the life and mood.

Odaily: what are the daily planet did not expect people in mining? Most of the miners and what?

Wang Xiao: early miners are some technical geeks. So now as the size of the owners of the mine is about 2011 to 2013 investors. But now, I have a lot of side mine owners from 2017 on bitcoin soared admission, there are also some traditional business owners and some financial investors, this process is probably. It basically no mining what big data, not the statistics are accurate, we can only look at.

Huang Meng: the circle of many miners, in this life they are playing various roles. Here are a few more representative, there may be some officials in developing countries, may also be a secondary school student. Now there is a trend that more and more become the main field of miners, mainly because they are in the hands of the mining production, the electric power resources.

Odaily: how about the trend of the daily planet mining and environment? Whether it is a good time to enter “now?

Wang Xiaoyi: I think this is from the mining industry retail participation evolved to a fine, the brand and the group of the process. There is no clear legal prohibition of mining in china.

I also want to talk to dig bitcoin mining POW mechanism, namely proof of work mechanism. This is a consensus mechanism to package the block trading, another is to use the computing power to maintain the blockchain network security, I think we should go to the center of the thinking to understand the bitcoin system, do not use the center thinking to understand. Just like a friend said, what the consumption of resources, waste of power, is low efficiency of the financial system employ a large number of people, need a large number of IT infrastructure operation and maintenance is not wasted? I do not know how many times the system wasted on such bitcoin, and each system is not between the exchange, low efficiency of payment. So I think bitcoin mining will exist for a long time, any time of admission is not late. It is scheduled to dig bitcoin best way.

Huang meng: I think that in a bear market but a good environment, the good nature is playing quotes, is able to make you more calm and earnest to measure a business like this. You sink the heart to consider, we really have to go. This thing is not a business can make you rich overnight.

Odaily: the daily planet mining can be regarded as a long-term career? There is no policy risk.

Huang Meng: Mining for me, for our company is a long to do a career. Of course it changes quickly, ask your team or individual to iterate the ability of knowledge to be strong. In this process, constantly update their knowledge, iteration of their knowledge, to keep up with the pace of change in this industry, I think if there is such a power, you can put mine do long to do business.

The risk of this policy, in view of the current market, I think within two years should be no big problem. Two are you in the course of operation, regardless of power resources or the environment, or for the construction of the building to complete the corresponding compliance, in line with national standards, this is not a problem.

Wang Xiaoyi: I can be responsible, sure that mining must be a long career. Bitcoin has been born for ten years, a mining infrastructure but also to safeguard the security of the entire system of the chain block. With the arrival of 5G, artificial intelligence, unmanned, and networking industries will be rapid development, a large number of data have to be processed. For example, the graphics mine, it inherently have the ability to multi task and deep learning ability, can provide support for some artificial intelligence, so power industry can enable the traditional industries, the country will vigorously support.

In addition, I give you two sets of data, said the first peak bitcoin mining machine operator, reached 6 billion 200 million in the last year. Then for each machine 14T is to count, about 4 million 400 thousand of the entire network Taiwan machine. The total value of its hardware that in 40 billion yuan. The number of the card machine card, is probably around 12 million, according to a card 1600 yuan to count, the graphics hardware mining market at a total cost of around 20 billion.

Around mining related service industries, such as chip development, machine assembly, second-hand machine trade, vehicle maintenance, operation and maintenance of software, mine ore mining and pool, information, media, the ecological chain has been formed.

Odaily: the daily planet chiefs can share mine circle interesting novel unique event or story?

Huang Meng: I think, if it comes to the most interesting thing, it should be the last 12 months time, that time should be at 2, one of the overseas users phoned me and said the network transmission problem, and then we all at two more overtime, the family has children do work overtime at home. Because he is overseas, his mines are not in his side, he finally found there is power, do we all broke down.

Wang Xiaoyi: in fact, in this industry, there is no so-called chiefs, as in this industry chain block is not the so-called experts, every day we have to increase the density, because the industry in development.

In fact, I think the miners is a very boring, in operation when ah was not too much what fresh thing, but each link, with too much uncertainty, or say there is a lot of pit. I suggest that OTC investors cautious in choosing partners. Today also with Huang Meng in the chat, we think the bull market is far more, bear things out together. When bitcoin prices soared, everyone is busy to buy mine built mine machine, when bitcoin continued downward, we will unite heating, multi party ah, many friends.

Huang Meng: if you want to join the future mining, can always come to us to share some of our previous experience. I will take our previous experience to share with everyone, thank you!

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