“Big money” with the chain block (a): to bond plug block chain wings

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Where is the money.

Recently the hottest digital asset market is “STO (Security Token Offering)”. The discussion for so long, also did not see an impressive product, discuss why STO so much, simply because the market light, even under the stock reduction game, not what to discuss. While the capital is profit and, where money ring on where to go.

We are familiar with the digital asset market is the same reason. Review of 2017 digital asset market boom, according to Coin Market Cap data show that the market size from $177.4 billion 2017 at the beginning of the rapid expansion of 5597.6 billion dollars to the end of the market, expand the 30 times. As of now, the global total of more than 2000 for digital asset trading in the market.

Who brought up this digital currency bull market? Is the huge advances in technology? Obviously, ICO and other digital assets to raise the public, we are most familiar with the stock / equity financing in the digital asset market “mapping”.

Although this year, ICO has “cool”, but the money never sleeps. This time, the sound of money will be in where?

Follow the money to go

We know that capital is the most intelligent, the more money the more intelligent, investment to follow the smart money, with money to go.

The traditional financial industry “big money” old money “approach, which is also an important logic support digital asset market prospects. But you have not thought about the traditional financial industry “big money” old money “, where they were? In the stock market?

The answer may surprise you: the bond market is contrary to expectation.

In fact, the equity market has never been a “big money” of the bond market is the playground. The bond market at the amusement park there? Globally, the global equity assets scale is $80 trillion, the scale of debt assets with low risk, fixed income is $100 trillion.

We’re going to make a simple calculation: in 2017, a total of 435 digital assets project total amount of financing over 5 billion 600 million dollars, is 23 times the same period in 2016 the amount of $240 million, resulting in expansion of the digital asset market size 30 times.


If the equity asset class in the digital asset market “mapping” caused the last round of 30 times the big bull market, while larger debt if the assets in the digital asset market “mapping”, we call “certificate bonds (Token Bond), then the size of the market will be? This is a math test of imagination.

To bond plug block chain “wings

The ideal is full, the reality will be skinny? Not necessarily. Let’s calm surging imagination, consider the “certificate bonds (Token Bond)” how to realize this thing?

We are familiar with ICO and other digital assets to raise the public, very simple, the project will raise some shares sold to investors in the form of digital assets, such as digital assets in exchange for bitcoins, Ethernet and other mainstream fang. Use a map to express this:

When it comes to “pass the certificate bonds (Token Bond)” before the first look at how traditional bonds issued? The bond issuance process is cumbersome, long. Make a decision to issue from the issuer, the average period of 16 weeks, and the underwriter’s responsibility to assist the issuer from making the declaration materials until the bond interest paid in full, the light is like doing the stage flow diagram so long, also need assessment agencies and institutions, to witness the guarantor, commercial bank the participation of a large number of intermediary institutions.

Don’t be scared of the complex process of traditional bonds, the bond block chain passes this weapon “(Token Bond)” is much easier.

1. first, the intermediary is greatly simplified. Block chain Token can be used as bond certificates, the issuer may issue bonds to investors, brokers and other intermediaries do not need a bank.

2. second, the censorship is greatly simplified. All the information on the chain, open and transparent, can not be tampered with, also do not need specialized institutions to review the.

3. more importantly, clearing system does not require the. Token Bond needs only one bonds in the open market platform, without the need for centralized clearing and settlement system.

6 steps Token, Bond

In this way, Token Bond no longer need the cumbersome traditional bond issuance process center and numerous institutions, and as long as a digital asset financial contract framework and supporting facilities can be.

The whole process can be simplified into this 6 step:


On the issue, requires only 6 simple steps, of which there are 2 steps is intelligent automatic contract execution, you don’t need to do.

More than bonds, using this method can also be a simple and low-cost distribution of all kinds of financial products, not only can be standardized, can also be customized, but that is the real “financial technological change”.

Block chain project is most afraid of talking about landing, but Token Bond is not empty talk, as far as I know, a platform has put the system to do out here first secrecy. Say so many benefits, Token Bond is a new thing, what kind of assets is suitable for TB? How to control the risk of TB? And you most care about us, ordinary investors how to make money from TB? Let us next time.

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