Billionaire Branson will host the BTC Summit on a private island in the late May

Billionaire Branson will host the BTC Summit on a private island in the late May

In from May 25th to 28th, by the billionaire Richard Branson (Richard Branson) – sponsored “encryption currency field of the greatest minds”, in Branson’s private island, Necker Island (Necker Island) on.

This event is the stars shine, in addition to Richard Branson, also includes BitFury CEO VALERY VAVILOV, venture capitalists Bill Tai, Suzi Mai and George Kikvadze. The host will be from the “Wall Street journal” columnist MICHAEL J. senior CASEY and the “economist” magazine senior editor MATTHEW BISHOP responsible for. The participants including but not limited to the core bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik, bitcoin Foundation Chairman Brock Pierce, Google map inventor Lars Rasmussen, managing director of Morgan Stanley Arie Levy Cohen, digital currency Group founder Barry Silbert, Samsung Electronics President and chief strategy officer Young Sohn.

It is reported that he has been very keen on bitcoin, he had participated in the bitcoin payment processor of BitPay financing, in addition, his company’s virgin at the end of 13 when the Milky Way began to accept bitcoin payments.

On this event, websites said going to discuss is the lasting influence to bring the block chain technology, it said:

“Welcome with Sir Richard Branson to visit his private island, aiming at some key problems are discussed and develop solutions that enable people to fully benefit from the block chain behind the amazing technology.”

As of press time reporter coindesk, participants and event organizers have refused to disclose more details about the activities of the.

A complete list of participants can be viewed in the active site

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