Bit Bank Exchange BTC-e: FBI controls our wallet

nnnBBC-e said FBI control the wallet where the domain name, into its data center, leading to service interruption. The Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed an allegation against the exchange for anti-money laundering laws. At present, the exchange began to operate less chance, so the exchange decided not to re-open the service at the end of August, will be returned from September 1, the customer funds.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nTroubled encrypted currency exchange BTC-e said the transaction was stopped because “FBI agents into their data center.”n
nIn the BitcoinTalk Monday article, has been closed for nearly a week of BTC-e said that six days has been seeking the answer from the host service providers.n
nThe article also said that last week because of money laundering charges allegedly arrested in Greece, the Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik “never took charge” of such services.n
n”Future updates include a variety of ways to restore services and how to regain control of our reserves.” The FBI controls the domain name of the wallet.n
nn”If we can not reopen the service by the end of August, we will return the funds from September 1.”n
nnThe Securities and Exchange Commission last week announced that BTC-e will be fined $ 110 million for ignoring anti-money laundering laws.n
nThe information on the previous push indicates that the normal service will be restored by August 6, but now it seems unlikely.n
nn”In the next week or two, we will evaluate and publish the amount of funds that the FBI has mastered and the amount of money that can be returned to the consumer.”n

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