Bit coins continue to high and volatile, the old driver to teach you how to deal with

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nJune 27, Bitcoin prices down, not too much effort to fall below the important psychological barrier 18000.00, the lowest price fell to 17,500 yuan / month, a record low within ten days, two days down 11%; The lowest fell to 1707 yuan / month, the last two days fell by 26%. Up to now, according to the currency data show that the current price of bitco / RMB 17722 yuan / piece, 24 hours the highest price of 17950 yuan / piece, the lowest price of 16950 yuan /n
nDigital assets continued to shock, the chain of chain veterans, intelligent contract platform Achain project founder Cui Meng about his investment experience.n
nAs a start from 2011, 2012, the bitter currency has experienced a soaring crash of Bitcoin, and also witnessed the bitter currency from $ 1, $ 10, $ 200 to $ 2,000, and the price of my digital assets Volatility has been very calm.n
nAccording to my observation, there are two kinds of people who invest in bitcoin. One is the value of investment, they recognized to the center of digital assets, recognized the value of Bitcoin, these people are generally the industry, often choose long-term holding; the other is short-term investment, high throw low suction, pure arbitrage.n
nI suggest that investors are better to do more homework and recognize the value of Bitcoin and digital assets and then invest, so that will not be due to short-term high and low tension. I am very much recognized by the development of Bitcoin, digital assets and block chains.n
nDue to the lack of supervision and strong support for the organization, so Bitcover from the policy level or the practical application level, in fact, have encountered great difficulties, but never be optimistic to be recognized by some countries, it has gone the most difficult to walk The way. The next road may not be too smooth, in its internal value or balance of interests also had some differences. I recently looked at the two programs of developers, but also in dispute, each said the program is good, everyone for their own programs or even give up the earliest consensus, to the direction of the development of hard bifurcation, I feel very sorry. But this block chain network has a self-operation and self-maintenance function, so it automatically operates to now there are about 9 years. It has survived to the present, I think it is still its innovation to give it a strong vitality, or else it will not live for so longn
nThis is a real majority of people involved in the digital assets, the user has the right to vote, you do not think this thing is very good?n
nFrom my years of investment experience, the vast majority of cut leeks are short-term arbitrageurs.n
nOn the ether square, I think it is a very interesting thing, but also in recent years I have seen the most cattle innovation. If the bit currency is to put everyone’s account information on the P2P network, so that the objective existence of books, can not be changed and a series of user demands. That ether square to do, is based on these technical characteristics, a virtual machine or an operating system on the P2P network.n
nI am very sure about this thing, but there are still some problems in the implementation. The complexity and space of the operating system above the etherbox, including data synchronization, packaging, etc., are more complicated than a book. Data synchronization and risk, error rate, delay, is bound to face it a great challenge, bandwidth is not enough to cause congestion.n

nI am currently doing a project called Achain, similar to the ether square, but it is a more suitable for enterprise distributed application platform. As a new generation of intelligent contract platform, Achain in many aspects of the improvement:n
nAchain from the beginning of the design to provide a 0 cost simulation test intelligent contract mechanism. Users can test the full path in a complete test framework, thus avoiding the maximum vulnerability of the smart contract itself, and all this eliminates the need for users to consume tokens. And different from other test scenarios, this solution enables smart contracts to be tested in the official public chain, providing a complete test framework that is closer to the real environment than the test chain approach.n
nAchain emphasizes the efficiency of smart contracts. From the virtual machine to adjust to the maximum, so that the contract calls close to the performance of ordinary transactions. At the same time, Achain designed a scalable smart contract, with limited and supervised permissions to make up for the BUG that could not be found in the contract. Consensus mechanism, Achain uses a distributed RDPOS distributed consensus, based on the DPOS to optimize the smart contract required to deal with the different consensus mechanism;n
nAchain’s chain transaction performance can reach 1000 TPS (ethertop theoretical value of 25TPS). And its modular design, making configurable encryption algorithm, replaceable formula module, can be any combination of flexible response to business needs may change, the maximum to prevent congestion.n
nAchain is a piece of energy that I have put on all the energy and deep plowing in the case of the chain of chains, which is not only money, I have put myself in.n
nFinally, the investment risk, the above is my personal point of view, not as a basis for investment.n

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