Bit continent was also prosecuted, and UnitedCorp said it manipulated BCH hard bifurcations

 Bit, was sued, UnitedCorp said its hard to manipulate BCH bifurcation

In December 7th, according to foreign media reports, the strategy of digital telecom company headquartered in Miami, United American Corp (United Corp) announced that the company will be on the Bitcoin Cash ABC (BTC ABC) filed a lawsuit to supporters, including the “” company and its founder Roger Ver, bitcoin mining machine manufacturers Bitmain (mainland and bit) encryption currency exchange Kraken.

According to the daily planet Odaily understanding, United Corp is a company dedicated to the research of next generation IP (Internet Protocol) voice digital telecommunications holdings, the development of network platform can provide from the local IP Telecom to international telecommunication service. According to its official website, United Corp’s vision is to create a collaborative network of digital telecommunication technology and application of seamless to the user, in addition to United Corp is also involved in bitcoin mining.

The lawsuit alleges that mainland companies such as bit through careful strategy, manipulation of bitcoin cash (BCH) network for personal gain, damage to the United Corp BCH and other stakeholders.

Industry analysis, United Corp is a research and development of digital telecommunication technology and DApp application technology companies, led by BCH, to support the hard bit bifurcation of the company, by controlling the BCH bifurcation and hard to control the entire BCH network, to block chain technology and DApp developers to say, this will improve the research and development costs for developers also, will improve the mining cost.

 Bit, was sued, UnitedCorp said its hard to manipulate BCH bifurcation

United Corp claims that in November 20th, the BTC ABC development team has injected a “poison pill” to block chain, with “deep restructuring prevention”, to strengthen the control of the block chain network, this initiative can maintain control of the future network update.

United Corp is still on the defendant’s litigation related to seek injunctive relief, and prevented them from continuing and future action on the BCH network. In addition, United Corp claims, the claim value will be determined in the trial.

According to CoinMarketCap data, Beijing time 18:40 on December 7th, BSV price of $108.78, the total market capitalization of $1 billion 901 million, up 20.17% in 24 hours.

BTC ABC in 24 hours fell 15.05%, the price fell to $102.78, a market capitalization of $1 billion 798 million.

This procedure is considered to be the cause of BTC ABC (BCH) causes a single day in December 7th fell sharply.

CSW immediately on twitter said, BSV is the real bitcoin, and said, only one can survive.

Famous TumbleBit friends said, “BTC ABC reminded investors, BTC ABC is essentially a bit continent securities issued, and there are a large number of American investment, so the SEC (SEC) must be regulated. And technically, BTC ABC can not pass the SEC Howey securities test.”

11 16 am, on behalf of Wu Jihan camp BCH bifurcation in the battle of Bitcoin ABC successfully dug the first block after bifurcation, BCH bifurcation means formally completed. The day after the success of the BSV and BCH bifurcation, the price on the occurrence of a huge fluctuation.

According to CoinMarketCap, the day 10:40, BCH price of $289.54, up 16.70%, BSV price of $93.47, down 47.39%, BCH+BSV price was $383.01, and 16 at BCH before the bifurcation of $433.62 compared to $50.61 less, about 11.67% less.

Since then, the price of BCH has been leading in BSV, until December 7th, BSV finally achieved transcendence. For the BSV rose contrarian, some analysts believe that the demand of BSV mainly comes from the market speculators.

Some analysts believe that, although because BSV has not what important application scenarios, they do not need to use the tokens in the market, but in view of its nChain and CoinGeek company, the future may also grow more and more ecological BSV.

There are a lot of people think, this is because the BSV counter ultra BCH crash, and not because of BSV itself to enhance the value of.

United Corp of Florida in the United States District Court lawsuit said that after BCH bifurcation prosecution collusion control of the BCH network, the purpose is to centralize the network, and all of these acts are in violation of bitcoin recognized since the birth of the industry standards and protocols.

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