Bit quotes analysis weekly: bitcoin slightly higher, high above the pressure

A market point of view:

This week the market continued to slump, overall trading volume rose slightly last week, but the price is. In from December 3rd to 6th the market value of the amplitude after the shock and fell slightly, but the decline is not obvious; start to 7, a waterfall fell on the evening of 6, the market value fell below $110 billion, at 8 am 3 overall minimum market capitalization reached $103 billion 900 million, continuing a year low. Then quickly pulled the shock near $110 billion, nearly two, the overall market value began to rise slowly, but the overall market still fell sharply compared with last week. As of Saturday, market value at $111 billion, a $130 billion 400 million last week fell 14.84%.

The trading volume this week, 6 days before the overall trading volume remained at around $13 billion 500 million, with the market falls down trading volume rose sharply, the lowest in the market, the overall trading volume reached US $19 billion 100 million, the market slightly slow callback, trading volume slightly shrinking. As of Sunday, the trading volume of $14 billion 200 million, compared with $14 billion last week rose slightly by 1.38%.

Message level, HKEx chief executive Li Xiaojia said the HKEx will cooperate with the mainland, in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the north to the transaction, or the introduction of the liquidation system; the Russian State Duma plan at the end of the year through the encryption of Monetary Control Act; the thunder in the legal level stripping chain grams, and is “money” cutting the Senate; the requirements of virtual currency in 20% separate taxation; pointed out in “people’s Daily” on several points to achieve high quality development of the article, the application of new technologies such as encryption of assets and the blockchain is greatly reduced and the speed of financial transactions.

The mood of the market level, according to statistics, today’s panic index reached 19, was still in extreme panic, but compared to last week has significantly eased.

Two, the list of assets:

This week, the overall market capitalization fell sharply, mainstream asset decreases were large, 7 day average declines were about 20%. BTC fell below 3300 dollars this week, the market bottom fails, a record annual low, minimum $3280. Market share, bitcoin accounted for significantly increased, this week accounted for 54.78%.

The total market value of 100 before the market value of assets accounted for the global digital assets accounted for 96.17% weeks, compared with last week was essentially flat, little change in market value accounting is still high. This week, the market value of the top 100 equity market capitalization of $106 billion 800 million, compared to last week’s $125 billion 400 million fell sharply by 14.88%, slightly higher than the overall decline in the market. This week, trading volume, trading volume reached $13 billion 600 million, compared to the previous $14 billion fell -2.94%.

Compared to the previous week, this week there was a substantial change in market ranking. This week a total of 3 new assets into the ranks of the 100 market capitalization, but Top100 ranking changes in the larger internal assets. The overall ranking of rising assets, a total of 6 assets ranking rose more than 10, the remaining assets in a number of assets ranked rose more than 5. Among them, the EURS this week ranked the fastest rise last week, the overall ranking 67, currently ranked eighty-second, but the trading volume is low, only $50 thousand; the remaining large capitalization assets in FCT this week, 5 to 6 volume rose 7, the overall increase of 12.93%, out of a reverse market rose. The current market capitalisation rose to thirty-sixth. The assets dropped this week, a total of 13 assets ranking fell more than 5. The MITH this week, the largest decline, ranking fell 26, currently ranked ninety-eighth; GXC ranked two weeks continued to decline, continued to fall this week ranked 9, currently ranked ninety-fifth, the price and trading volume shrinking synchronization. In addition, this week Top10 asset ranking changes greatly. This week due to the overall market value fell sharply, the market risk aversion significantly, stable currency USDT ranking has risen to fifth, while BSV and TRX were ranked rise this week, currently located at seventh and tenth respectively. EOS ranking dropped to eighth.

This week, the overall market fell sharply, with few assets and stable currency rose, most of the remaining assets were dropped, and the decline is larger. The past 7 days most of the USD stable currency supply growth in total, the growth of GUSD is the highest, up 38568917, the market capitalization rose highest, reaching 88.59%; the remaining stable currency such as TUSD, USDC, PAX and USDT are additional, its market value to some extent rise. In addition to the stable currency this week, the overall increase of FCT reached 12.93%, out of the counter market rose sharply. BSV also rose slightly.

Assets fell, this week a total of 35 assets or more than 30%, the above mentioned MITH the largest decline this week, the market value has shrunk to 44.65%, its trading volume shrinking dramatically 85.65% synchronization. In addition, EOS fell 35.88% this week, market capitalisation fell to eighth. BCH this week the volume down, 7 market capitalization fell by 35.66%, its trading volume enlarged 46.98%. In addition, there are a number of large capitalization assets this week decline in front.

Before the market value of 100 assets, the price rise trend and market price distribution is basically consistent. Prices of assets, in addition to stable currency prices rose slightly, the previously mentioned FCT and WAVES this week, prices rose more than 10%, but the FCT trading volume is low, the week trading volume rose 3 times is still only 281 million, while the WAVES this week trading volume shrinking nearly 50%. Drop in assets in addition to the previously mentioned BCH and EOS, this week DEX price decline has reached 38.92%, but the 24 hour trading volume is only 1 million dollars.

This week’s trading volume last week, slightly lower, affected by this, the week before the market value of assets in the amount of 100 transactions mixed change. But the rate of change of assets larger trading volume.

The trading volume increases in assets, this week a total of 4 assets trading volume rose more than 100%, which in addition to the above mentioned FCT, MANA this week trading volume rose ranked second, 24 hour trading volume rose 121.48% to $8 million 100 thousand, but prices fell slightly. XLM this week volume decline this week 24 hours trading volume last week significantly increased 1 fold to $166 million, the price decline has reached 27.93%. In addition, the activity of TUSD in stable currency issuance rose sharply, the most, mainly with the TUSD benchmark currency on a currency.

The trading volume fell, the decline this week is also larger. This week’s DEX trading volume fell more obvious, the 24 hour week trading volume is only $10 thousand. In addition, a larger volume of assets in the asset decreases more significantly with MITH and ONT, the 24 hour week trading volume fell by 85.56% and 65.51% to $40 million 390 thousand and $11 million 640 thousand.

The inflow and outflow of funds, the overall market for nearly a week showed the inflow of funds, there are a number of asset inflows more than 100 million yuan. Today, capital inflows, capital inflows increased further, which today DASH inflows also reached 1 billion 774 million yuan, a substantial increase over the previous few days; LTC and BTG continued strong capital inflows, 24 hour inflows were 1 billion 356 million yuan and 1 billion 327 million yuan, the remaining assets such as BTC, XRP, ETC and other capital inflows were more than 100 million rmb.

The outflow of funds, a total of 2 asset inflows of more than 100 million yuan, of which, EOS last week showed capital outflows, capital outflows in the 331 million yuan today, but a few days ago decreased slowly; ETH also continued outflow of funds today, 24 hours of outflow of 322 million rmb.

The mainstream of assets, the overall market capitalization fell sharply, while the market risk aversion significantly this week, there are different degrees of stable currency issuance, the market value of more than USDT BCH ranked No. 5. This week BTC fell below $3300, then prices rebounded, but the overall market is still down 12.83%, its trading volume fell slightly. BCH this week volume decline this week 39.15% market value evaporated, and the trading volume rose 46.98%. XLM this week, prices fell 23.60%, but the trading volume to enlarge one times, 24 hour trading volume reached $167 million. This week, ETH fell 18,37%, XRP fell 13.44%.

BTC, this week is from the beginning of the week began to fall, then in the 12 month 5 days after a brief rebound continue to fall. Due to the longer, bitcoin is force is 33.16E, in recent weeks is falling. This week the difficulty further decreased, currently difficulty is 5.64T. The number of transfers, beginning this Monday continued to rise on Thursday, December 6th reached its highest point, the transfer number reached 279.52K, then declined obviously. As to longer, bitcoin daily trading volume reached 238.44K, compared to last week, rose slightly.

The etheric Fang, a force on Thursday after the sharp decline. The calculation capacity is 174.77T, continuous innovation is low. Consistent with the calculated stress and difficulty. As to the difficulty of the current 2.28P for longer. The number of transfers in recent weeks continued to shock, the number of weeks transfers in December 5th fell after the first rise, transfer number reached up to 595.93K, until now, the number of transfer 507.55K, on Sunday still rise sharply.

Third, analysis of the mainstream currency:

BTC weekend rose slightly, the market has warmed up, but compared with the previous decline, these days rose somewhat an utterly inadequate measure. See the rebound is weak from the disk, small level bottom platform currently $3300 formed by the manufacturing rebound is not over, but the bottom platform level is too small, not enough storage capacity, above $3800 selling large market in finishing sideways or up slightly after a period of time, or continue to dip downward. Recommend investors to wait and see.

(source: December to institute the blockchain bit 10 sunrise)

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