Bit-Wallet released the first domestic bitcoin ATM machine in Italy

Bit-Wallet released the first domestic bitcoin ATM machine in Italy

From Italy new bitcoin ATM machine, has passed the test, and will be issued to the public in the world. The manufacturer of the Bit-Wallet and they said, Italy’s first digital encryption currency consultancy CoinCapital co production of the machine. The size of the ATM, and the price is on the characteristics of the Lamassu models of the challenge, since October last year, Lamassu in the world cafe and showcase the surge in the number of. Like Lamassu, Bit-Wallet said that his device can be a two-way choice, means that users can use to buy currency bitcoin, bitcoins can also be sold, it will be converted into currency. This makes the equipment of automatic teller machine is closer to the traditional, both withdrawals and deposits of the two-way function, not just bitcoin vending machine.

The total weight of ATM Bit-Wallet (excluding cash weight) is 20 kilograms, it can identify any reader to cash a bill. Like most other bitcoin ATMs, it can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

The single “bitcoin vending machine” is the price of 3100 euro (plus sales tax and shipping charges), allow competitors fair competition. Bit-Wallet promises, can provide the global purchase, as long as the local law does not prohibit the machine. Double version of the price to Bit-Wallet consulting, is currently only available for booking.

Bit-Wallet Stefano Mezzetti said the company will begin to show ATM in the near future. The revolution of the flower in Milan, this is also working with CoinCapital, Mapendo is also accompanied by rapid expansion of the local business working capital. Now ATM turnover moved to Rome.

CoinCapital Sebastiano Scrofina said his company for most of the customers, the development of hardware and software, and recently said customers need a complete set of Wright currency ATM.

The company is also engaged in lobbying and publicity activities. In June 11th, more than a dozen Italy publicity to Parliament and the top institutions, this is the first time they heard Scrofina say it is very effective, they also lobbied for the Bank of Italy, to help them understand the concept of technology chain block.

CoinCapital will Benjamin Guttmann bitcoin “Bible” translated into Italian, this book in the next few days will be popular in the country.

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