Bitcoin 11 days plunged 44%: $48 billion 600 million behind the evaporation more miserable is they

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Recently, finally won their 10th anniversary “money king” bitcoin, suddenly opened a “crash mode”.

Non small data show that in November 14th 12, bitcoin price of $6417. Compared with the end of the $19299, bitcoin has plunged 67%. But obviously this is not the “floor”, at 0:00 on November 25th, bitcoin price of $4342, the same day at 18:24, bitcoin price exceeded $3620, that is to say, less than 24 hours, once again fell 17%. However, really sad is from the end of last year with the rise of bitcoin, rush to get the miners, mine, mine.

In today’s bitcoin price ($3620, about 25153 yuan), the industry recognized the most cost-effective models, S9 – bit, has fallen below the shutdown price (26576 yuan), the electricity accounted for 102%, which means to dig a bitcoin, the electricity is more than the market price of bitcoin. This is not hosting fee and fee.

Blood of the miners

The day before, a picture of the brush machine sold on the pounds burst circle of friends, this is true or widespread?

According to statistics, 2018 years 10 months 4 days, bitcoin the whole network is the highest, about 74.54EH/s. In November 25th, bitcoin, the whole network is reduced to 42.01EH/s, lower 32EH/s, or up to 43%. According to this year’s most popular ant mining machine S9 computing power is 13.5T, is directly off the 2 million 370 thousand S9 mill.

Such a huge data, this is not the case that stop the storm.

Fish F2pool founder and co-founder of the Cobo wallet Mao recently said: “at present, its competition has entered the white hot stage, for example, I got a DCR today over 1 mills, Taiwan, 2.4T. A month later, another vehicle launched 6T, a couple of months later, introduced a 45T, power consumption is about 10 times improvement. Everyone is very competitive, and its chip 3 to 6 months for the two generation. Many miners suffered huge losses. The beginning of 2017, a bitcoin mining machine 20 thousand yuan, and today the same second-hand vehicle only a few hundred yuan.”

Mao Shihang said: “it is mining the most painful time, as a strong cycle of the industry, the current input-output ratio is not high. In a recent interview with several miners, the average loss is 10 million dollars to you 2018 years.”

The desolate mine

Dropping coins prices, shrinking machine, as the main hosting business, to provide services for the miners mine in recent months is the continuous rain.

The first is the supervision problem. Earlier this month the media reported that Guizhou and Xinjiang are regular field requirements outage rectification, check and accept the tax of the real name registration. In addition, the mine was also asked to sign the network information security of the Public Security Department security book. In this regard, the “daily economic news” reporter to a large domestic mine to verify, got each other confirmed: “here in Xinjiang in September to clean up the Corps of electricity, now belongs to clean up to.”

The second is efficiency. “The location of mine, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai. A minimum of 0.38 yuan / kWh (full charge + custodian fee) “,” cost price + + operation team to complete formalities, affixed to the cost price, this is your “mine”, with 2000 seats, a national network of power, the procedures are complete, as the large field sales in recent months Mr. Wang, the circle of friends almost every day is such content.

In addition, the mining machine hosting customers, Mr. Wang continues to advertise, help customers to continue mining the sale of second-hand vehicle. “To help customers out of 5 sets of S9I, 14T, with electric machine in May, officer, we mine today delivery, the price is too low not, dare not light plate, Mr. Wang in the circle of friends to sell.

Mr. Wang told the “daily economic news” reporter said, “we take the national electricity grid, to take to pay it, whether you have consumed, not to pay the electricity bills (mills) is.” So, even if the price is so low, but as the currency prices continue to fall, managed to reduce customer, electricity consumption not hit in the mine own hands.

In the face of the falling market, Mr. Wang told reporters lamented, “now the market fell into this appearance, not ah.”

The new cold mill

The falling price of the currency, the old mill sold by catty, the new machine?

Earlier this month, bit, launched its own trump models — S15, price 11600 yuan. Official website shows, just 5 minutes, S15 has been sold out. So unpopular sales scene, is it true? In November 22nd, the “daily economic news” reporter to the identity of the customer, call bit official, the other said: “well, 4 days to receive cash.”

The old miner Mr. Zhang also told reporters: “‘s official website said that the day was seckill empty, I guess it is the way of marketing. Now I haven’t seen a friend to buy in. Just have a friend, he is reselling its more than 200 units in December, he has a machine in hand, is anxious to sell out.”

11 March 21, Asia Pacific sales, bit responsible person Fan Xiaojun also made it clear that the machine is very difficult to sell.

According to the performance of S15 and the current price of RMB (11 Sept. 25), the reporter estimates, ordinary people by 1 yuan /kw price, regardless of the cost of mining, mining daily profit not electricity, also lost 10.22 yuan. The professional field of 0.40 yuan /kw, mining for 1 years, a net loss of 9230 yuan (2370 yuan of income, minus the cost of 11600 yuan). There is no appeal.

According to today’s bitcoin price ($3620, about 25153 yuan), the industry recognized the most cost-effective models, S9 – bit, has fallen below the shutdown price (26576 yuan), the electricity accounted for 102%, more than a bitcoin prices, this is not hosting fee and fee.

Back at the beginning of the year, a bitcoin up to 100 thousand yuan from eight thousand yuan, a S9 directly pushed up to thirty thousand yuan, and now the currency price ace direct shutdown, is Rainbow Night.

From November 14th 12, bitcoin price $6417 to 18:24 on November 25th, bitcoin price of $3620, just 11 days, bitcoin has fallen 44%, $48 billion 600 million in market value. Many analysts believe that this vicious spiral of bitcoin is due to the lack of basic value”.

On the surface is the currency price plummeted, is behind the new mill bloodbath miners, desolate, deserted mine, which makes the controversial industry suffered a hitherto unknown impact and change.

(Editor: Zhang Mingjiang)

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