Bitcoin 11 days plunged 44%, its sales are very confused

The price plummeted 44%, a total of $48 billion 600 million of evaporation…… In the past 11 days, bitcoin to the market to produce such a “report”.

As the current market value of the first digital encryption currency, bitcoin plummeted, led the other encryption currency fell sharply. According to CoinMarketCap data show that the current money market value has dropped to the encryption of about 1300 million dollars, compared with the beginning of this year’s 8500 billion scale, market capitalization has shrunk by nearly 84.7%.

“Avalanche” bubble “collapse” and “stumble endlessly”…… Lift hook coin circle, more and more of these words and the. However, in the first month, money has been in the state of silent circle. Prior to this, bitcoin since August from $8000 high fell, and has been in a sideways adjustment on $6400.

In mid November, the silence was finally broken. Beijing time 11 14 April morning, bitcoin prices suddenly “cliff” diving, fell over 10% 24 hours, 4 days after the crash mode open again, and was given greater decline. A frustrated, bitcoin prices did not rebound, but after two rounds after the crash, yesterday once again fell over 15%, and eventually fell below $4000, hitting a low of $3697.97, a record low since September 2017.

Nearly three months of bitcoin prices.

Third after the collapse, bitcoin prices 26 rebound, 24 hours or up to 8.89%, as of press press interface at $4075 to $4000.

The price as the representative of bitcoin digital currency has shrunk dramatically, directly to the entire digital encryption currency mining industry has brought the impact. In the successive decline, bitcoin prices have a breakdown of the machine cost price, and the price has been difficult to cover the consumption in the process of mining and mining huge electricity and maintenance costs. With further dropping digital currency prices, more means to dig more, miners can only choose to stop off.

In this regard, last week had a mill as scrap catty sell photos became popular in the network, and once entered the micro-blog hot search list. Earlier, according to some media reports, many small and medium-sized mines in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places have already started to resell ore liquidation, once in the year 2017 the initial 20 thousand yuan bitcoin mining machine, the secondary transfer price is only worth 1000 yuan.

At the same time, the old mill, the new machine is not easy to sell. Interface news through the official website, query bits, used to be an empty S15 seckill mills, official website still shows the goods. Prior to November 21st, according to the Asia Pacific sales, bit responsible person said, the current machine is really difficult to sell.

The miners, mine production, mine liquidation difficult to sell, after digital currency market collapse triggered a series of chain reaction, the coin ring also caused more thinking about the future.

Usher in yesterday bitcoin third after the crash, the Xinhua news agency also published an article that the bitcoin crash block chain project there is a serious bubble, bitcoin market volume is small, the industry is the result of many factors together force recent wars. For the future, the article quoted the relevant industry insiders said that the recent bitcoin fell means that many projects lack of real assets in support, “the jungle”, the market was proven to be inefficient. The market clearing, “industrial chain block” era is coming, the future of digital assets and industry depth bound, market regulation will be more perfect.

In fact, it can be predicted that the future for the money market to strengthen the supervision of encryption is represent the general trend. The interface of news in previous reports also mentioned, 20 this month, the Commission has issued a statement of functional regulation of digital assets and also announced the first for ICO (token financing) punishment.

Strong regulation trend, through digital currency “three plummeted money still confused.

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