Bitcoin 4 years ago discovered the trend! This is to bear the rhythm of the year?

Onion APP news November 20th, author: Jin Qianqian, please indicate the source.

“What is still down!”

In the afternoon, many currency traders circle staring at a bright red circle of currency market, remain perplexed despite much thought.

Recently, BCH bifurcation hard effects, bitcoin prices continued to slump, now fell below $4500 mark, traded at $4487, hit a 13 month low.

In bitcoin under the leadership of the whole digital money market also suffer.

According to today’s top fifty billboard shallot, in addition to the currency and hedging a stable currency ripple, the rest fell across the board, and the large decline in multiple currencies hit two digit decline.

According to Coinmarketcap data show that the total market value of digital currency market 1612.1198 billion dollars, compared with yesterday about reduced 247 billion dollars, hit a year low.

The whole digital money market a groaning.after.

BTC market four years ago with the similarity of up to 90%

Such a depressed market brought back memories of people 2014 years of big bear market.

According to the analysis of data, BTC 30 and 7 recently day trend 2014 20 and 2014 8 18 April during the trend surprisingly similar, line level trend similarity is as high as 93.42%.

If one month’s data is not representative, the Reddit forum for comparison a year seems convincing stronger.

Today, there are the main posts in the forum released “it is always darkest before the dawn, we have to get over the speech, and with a BTC in 2014 and 2018 the market comparison chart.

The figure shows that the 2014 bear market is mainly divided into 3 stages, the decline was 69%, 53% and 42%; and 2018 has 3 stages of decline were 70%, 51% and 42%, which are also very similar in a year long trend.

APP display market from the beginning of spring onion, 1 2014, bitcoin prices in a year from about $1000 dropped to around $250, or up to 75%. In the end 2015 Ten thousand horses stand mute. day finally, bitcoin foothold in the $150 finally. After 2 years, although bitcoin prices rose slightly, but the overall trend is still in the doldrums.

BCH bifurcation and global panic effect hard

Although people in this round of market four years ago and found similarities between the bear market, but can not be denied,

In the previous article mentioned shallot, four years ago, the bear market is mainly affected by the “Mentougou incident” and the central bank and other five ministries issued “notice” on guard against the risk of bitcoin the.

The bear market on the one hand by the BCH bifurcation; on the other hand, is also affected by the global spread panic caused by.

Wall Street informative article today pointed out that the panic is spreading in the global market. Commodities, stocks and bonds and coins were spared.

In commodities, oil prices hit a record low. The stock market, the S & P 500 index for 6 weeks of unrest. The general electric and Pacific Gas and electric company in turmoil, the bond market also hit.

In the face of such harsh environment, has always been considered in the independent ecosystem BTC also fell.

Therefore, some analysts even put forward the “flash crash” may.

BofA’s chief information officer Michael Harnett’s argument is spreads between libor-Euribor, he found that they are approaching the historical record, in the vicinity of 295 points, which is often regarded as the “flash crash”. This phenomenon appeared in history two times: the first was 1999 years and 10 months, the Internet bubble burst on the eve of the two times; in 2006 years, the real estate bubble between the United States and the global financial crisis.

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