Bitcoin 51% assault to spend much money? Answer: $1 billion 400 million

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If bitcoin this kind of attack, you need 2 million 400 thousand sets of the most advanced ASIC machine, if the machine running collective a year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of Morocco.

14 billion dollars is what the concept?

The tallest building in the world Harry Khalifa (Burj Khalifa) at a cost of 1 billion 500 million dollars.

Recently, according to Cryptoslate reports, to the success of the bitcoin network to launch 51% attacks, will cost $14 billion cost.

The article points out that the bitcoin this kind of attack requires 240 million units in the most advanced ASIC machine. Hold the machine, need about $250 million in infrastructure, including buildings, ventilation and other construction costs.

While running the machine each year will consume approximately 293 billion kwh of electricity, roughly the same as the Moroccan national power consumption.

People can not help but wonder, this account is how come?

“Popular posts”: how bitcoin launch 51% attacks

The first is the fixed cost (actually buy machine).

This paper chooses Cryptoslate both mainstream S9i and T15 mill. For the control of more than 50% of the bitcoin network, the attacker needs at least the same amount in circulation ASIC.

With the recent bitcoin network average hash value, if you choose to buy S9i, mills need to expenditures of approximately $820 million; if T15 is selected, the corresponding expenditures of approximately $1 billion 480 million.

The variable cost is the main power consumption, in addition to labor and machine maintenance costs.

According to the above paragraph two of its daily consumption, as the total average annual electricity consumption of 29 billion 300 million kwh, equivalent to almost a year and the power consumption of Morocco.

So the question is, how long the battle to fight?

The recent BCH hard battle based on bifurcation, launched 51% attacks may last for at least 10 days. According to the daily average fixed cost and variable cost, the final calculated results are as follows:

If you use the S9i machine launched 51% attacks, the total cost of buying 10 days of mining machine + $1 billion 3 million.

If you use T15 to launch 51% attacks, the total cost of ore mining 10 days + buy about $1 billion 830 million.

Therefore, the two of the average attack cost about $1 billion 416 million.

What does this mean for bitcoin?

Obviously, with the $1 billion 400 million cost to attack the bitcoin network almost impossible, because no one is willing to spend so much manpower and material resources to plan.

Cryptoslate article pointed out that even if there is the possibility that similar attacks will make any loot almost not worth a hair (people), because bitcoin network confidence will be destroyed.

However, do not rule out the bitcoin network will be affected by some cartels (monopoly interest groups) attacks, such as some of the country’s government through nationalization to requisition the so-called mining facilities.

But even considering all possible situations, destruction of the bitcoin network costs would be astronomical completely. On the current situation, the ingenious combination of cryptography and economic incentives to make bitcoin become an extremely secure network, bitcoin still exists as a store of value and business means the potential value and appeal.

Those small currency brutally attack “

According to TNW reported earlier, the crypto currency experts on Brazil FECAP University showed that 51% attack is not impossible to achieve, especially some smaller currency attack costs may be very low.

Onion article pointed out earlier, the first half of this year, market capitalization of 4 billion 600 million, ranking 29 in the digital encryption currency, bitcoin gold (BTG) had been underground miners premeditated attacks when the attacker in the double, the double attack received a total of 205 thousand pieces of BTG, the value of up to 110 million yuan. But at the time of the attack on BTG cost is very low, only every 250 BTC, $2 million (about 13 million 850 thousand yuan).

For the return of 110 million yuan to 13 million 850 thousand yuan investment, the deal is not too good.

He was attacked in the BTG, and many network attacks by encryption currency.

5 month 19 days, the Japanese currency was illegal miners attack Monacoin encryption, a loss of 10 million yen (about $900 thousand).

In May 23rd, XVG network was also attacked, the attacker gained about 350 million XVG in hours ($1 million 750 thousand).

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