Bitcoin and block chains affect the five realities of small businesses

nnnThe complexity and difficulty of block chain technology makes start-up companies and large organizations a major player in the field, so small businesses and entrepreneurs may find it impossible to get involved. But this article provides some of the direction for this part of the participants reference. Including areas such as electricity, logistics, payments and smart contracts, can be the entry point for small businesses entering the chain and encrypted currencies. This part of the enterprise’s participation is not only good for the enterprise itself, but also to promote the development of the technology role.n
nnTranslation: Annien
nThe blockbank technology and the warm atmosphere of encrypted money may make small businesses feel overlooked.n
nEven for top-of-the-art participants, the five-point proposal allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to use Bitcoin and block chains to meet their financial and other needs.n
nSmall businesses use Bitcoin and Block Chains, accept Bitcoin and other encrypted currenciesn
nThe survival of the encrypted money revolution depends entirely on acceptability and is the place where small businesses are good at it. Some large enterprises, such as Amazon and Tesla began to accept the encrypted currency, not many small businesses involved.n
nFirst of all, we talk about accepting the benefits of encrypted money on you:n
nThe cost is almost zero. The credit card processor can charge a service fee of 2-4% at will. Encrypted currency transfers are close to zero fees, although services typically charge a minimum fee (0-1%), which means you can save money. Note that the services you can use can confirm the block chain transfer faster, but the acceleration requires more costs.n
nFaster funding channels. Banks do not participate in the transaction, there is no centralization of the liquidation process. Means that you can get paid faster. For example, most bank-based payment processors pay within a day or two. You can receive a bit in a few minutes to a few hours to pay, depending on the network’s encrypted load.n
nNot involving the government. Because the encrypted currency is not associated with the government or the regulatory body, there is no need to consider the boundaries. You can avoid international exchange rates or transaction fees.n
nAvoid controversy. Although the encrypted currency is fully digitized, the principle is similar to cash, not credit. All sales are final fixed, the customer will not dispute the transaction. If you are not used to argue for costs, then accepting the currency can change that situation for you.n
nYou can gain visibility through leading position in the field. It’s as easy as setting up a dedicated money payment processor.n
nAlthough many services will provide “wallet” function, some start-up companies have exceeded this category. For example, CryptoPay offers Bitcoin’s digital wallet and physical debit card, which allows consumers to consume encrypted currency at any place that accepts Visa debit cards. CryptoPay is the most well-known participant in the niche market and plans to raise these services through ICO financing.n
nSign the contract with the supplier through the smart contractn
nSigning with a supplier usually requires a lawyer to draft a contract to let you and your client sign. May be a service or fund transaction contract with specific time limits and schedules. You can wait until the final contract, the parties signed, and then notarized. You can finish the work waiting to pay. If the other party is about to pay, you will find the lawyer and sue the other.n
nSmart contracts can be simplified.n
nBlock-chain technology makes it possible to make smart contracts, which are digitally signed contracts that can be executed in certain situations where certain contracts are met. You create a smart contract that has the amount of money you will provide, the amount of money you have recognized, and the duration of the service.n
nOnce submitted, the contract can not be modified, the copy can be saved in the block chain so the node, so it can be accessed at any time. Because the contract in the chain chain, you can monitor the commitment to ensure the implementation of the service. Then after the service is completed, the encrypted currency is traded by date and does not require anyone to open the process.n
nSome services allow businesses and individuals to enforce legally binding smart contracts, such as Agrello, which eliminates reliance on brokers, such as lawyers, and eliminates the possibility of default.n
nStore power over the smart gridn
nDespite the criticism that the encrypted currency was wasted by electricity, we still saw the turnaround of electricity through the block chain. In some big cities, people sell solar power to each other in the chain.n
nBasically, they harvest their own solar panels of solar power, the excess is stored in the smart grid. And then use block-chain technology to monitor power usage and the availability of solar power, and so on.n
nThese communities also use block chains to sell excess electricity to neighbors or power grids, or when their own solar cells are out of power. All transactions use encrypted currency.n
nAs a small business owner, you can profit from the excess solar energy of others, so you do not have to buy electricity from the grid, saving you money, and if you have enough solar energy equipment, you can even become a pure power supplier.n
nBrooklyn microchain is based on the block chain technology P2P energy market. Such projects and projects will improve our ability to monitor and manage transactions, as well as create interconnected distributed networks and transform the energy market on a large scale.n
nTracking logistics city supplier transportn
nAs mentioned earlier, the block chain is tamper resistant, can guarantee the authenticity of the document. You can add anything you need in the block chain, and you can not delete or modify any file or transaction. Although all participants can audit and monitor anything.n
nThis is important for small business owners who need to track inventory. When you are included in the inventory, the transaction is recorded on the chain. When you sell the inventory, it is also recorded. When you transport inventory, it is also recorded. Where you buy inventory, who bought, who is responsible for transport also recorded, and your life may be much simpler. Meaning that there is no longer a high operating system cost, and that occasional transactions are modified or deleted. All these are done in real time, no big cost.n
nSome start-ups try to change the supply chain. Future unlimited potential, companies use this technology is only a matter of time.n
nPay water and electricity by bit currency walletn
nIn the past, one of the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm for encrypted money was that it was rare for everyday use. We want to use it to pay utilities or gas charges, so that our bank account where value added. Now the situation is slowly changing, we see more and more special currency wallet for us to bring these payment function.n
nThe above platform, CryptoPay, provides easy way to pay bills without the need to manually transfer the bit currency to the US dollar bank account. Some wallet even allows you to convert the bit currency into French, so you will not be affected by price fluctuations.n
nin conclusion n
nAlthough the past few years the encrypted currency has not been recognized as we expected, we still see growth in the occurrence, including price increases and recognition of different companies. Now involved can expand the target customer base, to bring you some of the existing market can not provide you with additional benefits.n

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