Bitcoin application company Coinsilium is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM

Bitcoin application company Coinsilium is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM

A Coinsilium bitcoin data block chain company recently revealed to the outside world, for they are listed on the London Stock Exchange and is known as the AIM market, which will be the first exchange listed in London in such companies.


If the main concern two years ago people are concentrated in the bitcoin as a digital currency to the traditional financial market challenges is very important today bitcoin transactions in the decentralized clearing network technology – “data block chain” (Blockchain) is in droves.

Coinsilium co-founder Eddie Tville (Eddy Travia) said that in 2014, approximately $330 million investment bitcoin and “data block chain”, the first half of this year and a $373 million increase in investment. At present, the city of London’s financial institutions, including the Bank of England [micro-blog], Barclay, UBS, Goldman had established “data block chain” innovation laboratory, research project or the founding of digital currency fund, and the data block chain expressed a strong interest.

It is understood that the “data block chain” technology will bring revolutionary impact of banking and finance. As with other traditional financial transactions can achieve the same effect of this technology, it can slash the amount of transaction cost. The Spanish bank of Santander recently released a report that the use of “data block chain” of new technology, in general, to 2022, the annual financial institutions can reduce the bank and cross-border payments and securities transactions and follow the policy of infrastructure costs $20 billion.

In recent years, and next to the city in the Shoreditch area (Shoreditch) and quietly gather more and more creative science and technology company. London mayor Johnson patted the head, just this area “circle” of a “city of science and technology”. The city and the city of science and technology combined, in the same land area, the birth of a “financial city of science and technology”.

Such as “data block chain”, the new technology and new technology combined with traditional financial, really exciting and fascinating. A lot of people in the industry believe that a disruptive change, the financial industry is quietly happening.

70 after the British finance minister George Osborne highly praised the financial science and technology. In August last year to promote the establishment of “financial institutions” financial innovation technology “industry” (Innovation Finance), in March of this year before the 2015 election budget, especially appropriated 10 million pounds of digital currency.

At the same time, approved by the Bank of England, the British National Tax Bureau and the UK financial conduct authority institutions such as digital currency, data block chain, smart contracts are new business style, has a huge business opportunities and potential, rather than to the traditional financial threat.

Coinsilium listed, will mark the “data block chain” will be brought into a greater pool of funds, open to the broader investor, which is currently from Silicon Valley venture capital especially keen fields

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