Bitcoin Arena: Switzerland was born a new encryption city

nnnAccording to a report issued by the government government yesterday, the government of Chisso City, Chiasso, another city in Switzerland, will allow its citizens to use bits in January 2018 Currency tax, plans to build a “encrypted city”. The mayor has met a group of local entrepreneurs who have chosen to do business in this border town and are actively negotiating with other European companies.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nSince January 2018, Chiasso, Switzerland, will continue to use its own currency to pay taxes after the Zug City (Zug).n
nEarlier today, the government issued a report in the government issued the news. The city’s target is likely to go beyond its rival, the city of Zug (also known as the “encrypted valley”), which has received a bit as currency tax of up to 250 Swiss francs, The upper limit is 200 Swiss francs.n
nAs the official documents wrote, the mayor of the city of Chisso met a group of local entrepreneurs who chose to do business in this border town. These entrepreneurs include the Digital Identity team, represented by Natale Ferrara, Andrea Benetton, Paolo Barrai.n
nIn addition, several important people and companies, including Eidoo, CryptoLab and Giacomo Zucco, which is known for participating in BHB in Italy, are also involved in this new “CryptoPolis”. Mayor Younaso said:n
nn”Today, Chisso has been recognized by the international community, not only the region, but also the center of the Swiss technology and economic growth movement in the past few months, there are eight start-ups in the company to do business, At the same time the city is also with other European companies to conduct more negotiations.n
nnThe executive said it would consider participating in the formation of a new nonprofit foundation in Kiiaso and becoming a founding partner of the foundation, which will be supported by some of the top advocates of this disruptive technology.n
nThe city will also be held on a regular basis to the theme of the meeting, and since October 2017 began to be held, the international representatives will attend these meetings.n

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