Bitcoin Association: CEO is a good tool for the global digital currency

Bitcoin Association: CEO is a good tool for the global digital currency

Two thousand and fourteen That weekend in Amsterdam bitcoin summit, Twenty-two At the age of Matthew Kenahan The one he thought is the most difficult decision. His dilemma is either in his graduation, which he worked hard for four years to get the degree of international trade and market, or go to Two thousand and fourteen Bitcoin summit, in which he and his organization” Bitcoin Society For the nomination Blockchain or Blockie Award.

He said, “I Ninety-one Old grandmother from Mississippi to attend my graduation ceremony “he chose Amsterdam, and in addition to the” most influential Charity Award “, also won the” bitcoin Champion Award, this award was awarded to Andreas Antonopoulos But, because of the conflict of interest, Andreas Not to receive this award.

Obviously, Kenahan The “problem” is a lighthearted story, and as many people in poor areas that face a difficult choice.

In fact, he believes that bitcoin is a tool that helps you not rich people, under his leadership,” Bitcoin Society The charity application will focus on the development of bitcoin, bitcoin was used to compared the drug trade, it will establish a positive image for bitcoin.

Kenahan Explained, “the main reason for the idea is to let people know that bitcoin can be applied to the outside of the Silk Road, we are creating a global society, we are trying to communicate with people.

This is a prize awarded to the charity work, Kenahan promised to donate his 1 bitcoin bonus to Women ‘s Annex Foundation, aims to build digital literacy and improve women’s access to the Internet, he the same day on twitter confirmed the donation information.

For Kenahan, transparency of donations from the responsibility point of view is attractive: bitcoin allows you to create a unique address for very specific reasons, we see business transactions, and we can see the specific reasons for its use.”

The charity of bitcoin and other encryption currency in Sri Lanka’s human rights organization for the homeless shelter s Post Sean ‘event in the United States shows very clearly.

Perhaps more famously, the dog coins have become the charity of the machine worthy of the name and the $50000 Doge4Water plan.

More generally , The error message bitcoin association is committed to challenging bitcoin reports and improve bitcoin cognition. “One of the largest bitcoin problems and obstacles of our association is one of the obstacles to the development we often smear from misinformation or article formed a basic impression”, he said.

As part of the challenge, Bitcoin association plans to launch a number of projects in the next year, including a will help people understand bitcoin’s name for the new site and American students textbook buyback plan.

“Not your textbook price sold back to the bookstore,” he said, “we are using bitcoin redemption textbooks. It provides a low risk way to participate in more and more legal community”.

At present, Kenahan plans to expand bitcoin association team, and will recruit representatives from his alma mater University of Washington.

Kenahan Said: “we will set up the team in Shanghai, New York, India, San Francisco, Losangeles and Chicago”.

  The self financing bitcoin champion Kenahan says he used to trading in bitcoin market, 2014 will prove to be a very exciting year.

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