Bitcoin ATM manufacturers will be upgraded to the two-way trading bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM manufacturers will be upgraded to the two-way trading bitcoin ATM


The United States bitcoin ATM manufacturer Lamassu launched a new ATM machine, this new product allows customers to use bitcoin cash, this is a two-way bitcoin transaction ATM for the first time.

Lamassu upgrade products to enhance the automatic teller machine and two-way market existing products competition, such as competitors Robocoin manufacturers.

LamassuCEO Zach Harvey said the new product allows operators to use ATM facilities can be selected according to the consumer demand and business problems. Harvey stressed: “To allow operators to choose one-way or two-way trade is very important for us. Our modular design allows them to select the single machine trading function, or add a new option, the machine can carry out two-way trade. Different operators have different market demand, so the machine flexibility is the key.” The new product upgrades will be officially launched in the 2014 bitcoin conference.

ATM model upgrade price of $5500, and the Lamassu will provide up to 1000 kinds of different function model for ATM operators.

According to Lamassu, the product can change the function in the manufacturing process. This better flexibility will meet the needs of operators bitcoin ATM.

But Lamassu did not disclose the specific number of manufacturers orders, Lamassu told the newsBTC that many operators have expressed interest in new products, and some have been put into production.

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